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Friday, April 10, 2015

Sweet Scar

That day was a casual meeting with my partners, I feel a little bit laid-back and want to wear something soft, pastel and girly.

I always love sleeveless dress because it can be mix with many clothes. My favorite is to wear the dress with a shirt. It's so cute and look neat. Cardingan/Blouson also looks good too!

White and Pink are nice combination and I loveee polkadot pattern because it's so retro. 

I bought my bag in Harajuku, the price is 5000 yen if I'm not wrong. I love it so much haha, the bag is really popular in Japan and many Brands sell it with different kind of price.

This style is known as girly or sometimes people call it otome kawaii. What do you think? hehe 0:)

Top | MACO
Dress | MACO
Necklace | Comicou
Bag | Harajuku
Stocking | Tutuanna
Shoes | Sololita

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