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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Denim Red

Not feeling too girly today, I wear more street style outfit with my red checkered top and denim. Sometimes I want to look a bit rebel too (´∀`) hehe

I love wearing a camisole top with oversize denim shirt for outer, this top is fitted on the bottom so I look a bit skinny? ≧▿≦

If you realize, my bangs start to grow longer than my eyebrow so I change my usual front bangs to side. How? Sometimes I want to grow my bangs longer and longer but always ended cut it lol

Red, Blue and Black are all basic colors and they look so cool together. Blue gives the harmony to Red because Red is an intense color and Black is really bold. Notice my lip make up? I apply gradient lips to give a slight illusion to my lips.

"Be yourself, I'm sure people will enjoy it; if they don't, forget them."

Top : MACO
Outer : MACO
Skirt : HK
Bag : HK
Stocking : unknown
Socks : Tutuanna
Boots : unknown
Accessories : Comicou

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