Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bunny and Macaron

Sometimes I'd love to wear something decorative because it makes my mood brighter. That day I went for a late brunch, it was rainy and I don't like rain. I decided to wear my handmade clothes because it makes me happy.

I printed the macaron fabric by my self, the pattern is supposed to be bigger but the printing staff wrongly managed the file. I was kinda upset that time but then I decided to make a mini jumper with it. I draw the pattern and made it fit on the waist.

I specially made the jumper two sides, so I can wear it front/back, depends on my mood hehe very convenient right to change the style. :D

I also handmade the bunny top and designed it with peter pan collar with bunny list on the edge. The back is very cute, it's like a sailor top (back collar) and I made the sleeve a bit puffy so it'll look cuter. :)

The top also can be wear with any chiffon long skirt for fresh summer look or cute skirt/hot pants for a casual look. I wear it with my mini macaron jumper because they look so cute together! :)

"I don't change to fit the fashion, I only know how to be Me"

de Lapin Top | Comicou
Mini Macaron Jumper | Comicou
Bag | Harajuku
Stocking | Harajuku
Socks | Tutuanna
Shoes | Sango



Cominica said...

sukaaaa banget comiiiii heheheeh *hugs*

Cominica said...

makasiii gitaa :D :D

Cominica said...

I love your hair, and the dress is so adorable ^_^

Cominica said...

Ah that dress is super cute!!

Mia - Rainbow Road

Cominica said...

Your outfit is so cute! You made your top?!?! You are so talented!

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