Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blues Clair

Today's coordinate is when 'otona' (adult) style meet kawaii, I need to attend a project meeting so I'm wearing this outfit to look a bit professional. When meet with a partner or client I must dress semi-formal, always fashionable, and of course kawaii!

Actually this 'preppy' coordinate is fit any occasion like a weekend dinner with your friends or just an office outfit. You can wear glasses and hat to look more preppy, or a tie if you want to achieve that geeky look.

In some Japanese magazine they call this style 'British girly' or 'kawaii preppy', well actually you can call your style anything you want as long as it inspired by it.

I wear my soft toned long gingham shirt with a high waist pencil skirt in dark blue, a gingham pattern usually referred to British style and is really popular between Japanese.

Gingham Shirt : MACO
Shoes : Laforet
Bag : Belagio


Cominica said...

I really like this coord! It is perfect for the office ^_^

Cominica said...

i love the coordination!


Cominica said...

OMG you look so STUNNING! Love this outfit so much! xo


Cominica said...

I love your outfit! The pencil skirts suits you really good (。・Ο‰・。)οΎ‰♡ Also the shoes~ Awww! So pretty!!

Cominica said...

I lovee this coordinate!~

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