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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Angel Color Bambi Almond 1 Day

Produced by the popular Tsubasa Masuwaka, former Popteen model and also a singer. Angelcolor is probably one of the most popular contact lens in Japan. And this Almond design is used by many popular models because of the natural result

Honestly, I always hesitate to buy 1 day contact lens especially if it's made in Japan because the price is expensive.

I'm glad I saved quite a lot of money for shopping in Japan so I can buy this contact lens or I'll feel regret now. The main reason is because of the comfort and quality.

. diameter  : 14.2mm
. bc : 8.60
. color : almond
. life span : 1 day

I got 30 contact lenses for 1 box and it costs almost 7000 yen, so if you divide that it costs around 23.000 idr for each. lol

The design is 100% similar to Geo Bambi Almond and Almond design is like my favorite for natural lens look. I don't like black contact lens particularly because it looks less natural. Well actually it depends on individual taste! :)

natural room lighting

Even though the contact lens diameter is only 14.2mm but it has an amazing bigger eye effect. I think we dont need to wear a contact lens with a huge diameter because it's harmful to the eyes. 

Just for info only, my doctor once said that the eyes have a hard time for breathing if the diameter of the contact lens is too big, and the results are our eyes will have a lot of red streaks. Over time the eye can be affected by cataracts. So be careful.

flash lighting

This contact lens has a lovely halo effect sometimes and it looks angelic. Other thing I like about the contact lens is that it can make my eyes look shiny like a glass. And because of the brown color, if you look from far it looks so cute.

natural room lighting

The comfort of this lens is like 5 stars! It's so comfortable and I can't feel the contact lens inside my eyes because it's so thin! I usually wear it for 10-15 hours and it feels amazing. 

Unfortunately the contact lens can only be used for 24 hours, it's really a pity to throw it away every time...

The Almond Brown design is best to wear with natural makeup. It compliments the make up and vice versa!

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