Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Pastel Vintage

Why don''t you smile a little bit more happily tonight?

うつむいてても 君はキミ
人それぞれに flowers grow
運が尽きたんだとか ネガティヴはもうやめて
巻き返すチャンスなら いくらでもあるから

All the lights will lead you there,
Then you'll see where you go
The dream makes you forget all tears!

涙枯れるまで 泣いてもいい yeah

top : nice claup
outer top : nice claup
skirt : comicou
bag : harajuku
stocking : harajuku
shoes : sango
socks : tutuanna
choker : comicou
necklace : comicou


Cominica said...

amazing look ** you are so pretty!~

Thanks for sharing~ My new post♥

Cominica said...

Really loving the shirt and skirt combination!


Cominica said...

cute !!


Cominica said...

I really like the style of your shirt! Your skirt color is also very pretty. I love the soft blue~

Cominica said...

such an adorable outfit~ i think it suits your hair wonderfully too!!


Cominica said...

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