Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hongkong Disney Land (1st Day)

I always wanted to go to Hong Kong because I heard it's a big city with many exciting experiences and adventures, plus shopping! This time I went with my family on public holiday and because I went with my parents, we joined a travel tour.

A tour is a better solution for our family trip because my parents think it's the best way for holiday. They don't like going for an individual journey and adventure just like what my siblings and I did in Japan. They want their holiday is fully organised lol while I hate travel with tour the most... ~_~

We took a 6 days trip with 5 nights and the destination is to Hong Kong - Shenzhen and Macau. The first day we arrived in Hong Kong and went to Disney Land. I personally didn't like the itinerary because on the last day we will be back from Hong Kong, so it's better if the Hong Kong trip is on the last day. :/

We stayed at Disney Hollywood Hotel, it's a really good hotel and the breakfast also very remarkable. After checked in at the Hotel, we went to Disney Land! yey

The reason why I feel excited was because I love Disney and I know it's going to be amazing! The place, decoration and all. Kindly enjoy some pictures I took at Disney Land.

We had a lunch at Plaza Inn Restaurant, it was so quiet haha I think because the price is a little bit expensive for a chinese food. lol other place looks more crowded.. 

It was quite suck because suddenly it rained.. lol. I travelled there in July and I heard it's a rainy season in Hong Kong so if you're planning to go there around this month, prepare your umbrella!

I was waiting at this Pooh Corner and bought some souvenirs because all so cute hahaha. It's a holiday, so souvenir is a must~!

I think Disney Land is a magical place with many beautiful castles and it's fun to walk around, take some photos and try the ride. It's similar with USS but with all the Disney character.

After had some funs at Disney Land we went back to hotel for a bath. We planned to eat dinner in Tung Chung, there's a train direct to there and the train system is like in Singapore so it's not hard to travel alone. 

I bought some hair dyes and face masks in Tung Chung haha in Hong Kong it's a must to buy Face Mask, my favorite is My Beauty Diary. I got the black pearl and white nest If I'm not wrong haha and I also bought the Eye Mask for a try, quite good~

Also bought some cakes for a midnight snack hahahah fat fat holiday must eat a lot~! The cakes in Hong Kong is quite similar like in Japan, it's soft and taste mild, not too sweet and the cream is really light. 


Cominica said...

Hong Kong Disneyland looks awesome~ :D
i really hope i can visit it too some day ^^


Cominica said...

Really makes me want to go to Disneyland

Cominica said...

I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong~! Disneyland there looks so pretty too, hope you have a great trip <33


Cominica said...

you're always travelling...im jealous ^_^ Beautiful post!


Cominica said...

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