Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Doraemon 100 Secret Gadget Expo

Few days ago, I went to Doraemon 100 Secret Gadget Expo in Jakarta. Doraemon is a popular Japanese Character and I'm sure you all know about it already lol. It is a robot cat who travels back in time from the 22nd century, be friends with Nobita and have a mission from Sewashi (Nobita's Grandson) to make Nobita happy. 

There's an information inside the Expo about this yellowish Doraemon, haha

This Expo is a show case of 100 Doraemon statues with the secret gadgets and various real life sets from The Anime series.

All The statues look super good and cute! But too bad the place is too small and I think they should make it larger so it is easier for us to take photo alone or with our friends. Because of the insufficient space, I can't use my camera with fix lens, I can only took some photos of Doraemon :'v

Doraemon and Time Machine

Looks familiar? XD If you've read Doraemon Manga or watch The Anime, you might notice some familiar Gadgets or even remember them all. hahaha

Beside of the statues and gadgets, there's history about Doraemon, some scenes and various answers to mysteries from the Anime series. 

Below is a scene from Nobita and Shizuka marriage, haha there're also many cute spot for taking photo! Go there to find it out by your self. :)

Outside the Expo, there're some food stalls and I tried the Dorayaki ahhaha it was good! And I also bought 3 merchandises, dolls and photo. :)

If you're a fan of Doraemon you must visit this Expo, it was a fun experience and such a nostalgia because I grew up with Doraemon! It made me miss my childhood time :)


Xiao Vee said...

Itu exponya smpe kpn ci? Pgn dtg tp jauh T.T
Sayang tmptnya sesak, jd krg leluasa foto2 yaa

Cominica said...

wowowo it's megacute!!! thanks for lovely pics ^^

Thanks for sharing~
I follow you on gfc. ~♥ Hope that you like my blog too~ xx
follow back~ My new post♥

Cominica said...

This is so adorable and you look beautiful in this dress!


Cominica said...

It's so cute !!

Cominica said...

anyway salam kenal yaah ^^


Cominica said...

Beautiful pictures! I loved it. And you look beautiful !!
Kisses ♥

Cominica said...

Aww I want to go here as well. :( I love Doraemon!

Cominica said...

This is so cute. I love the Doraemon plush!

Black Daisy

Cominica said...

looks so fun! your outfit is very cute and pretty too!

rie // reach you ☆

Cominica said...

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Cominica said...

looks like allot of fun, and you look amazing :D

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