Thursday, January 22, 2015

Avenue Of Stars, The Peak Hong Kong (Day 2)

Second day in Hong Kong, we checked out from the Hotel in the morning after breakfast. The breakfast was awesome lol but too bad I didn't take picture cos I was too busy eating~! The lobby is very colourful and I couldn't help to take some outfit photos there. 

Our first destination that day was The Avenue of Stars, I didn't take any photos of the star statues because it was raining!! ... bad luck! I only took some sceneries but the result was weird lol.

Let's skip the avenue, we went to Madame Tussauds to see many life-like wax figures. They're all famous people from all over the world. I wasn't that excited because I went to one before at Pattaya. But I managed to take picture with my forever crush Tony Stark HAHA

I also took pictures with some wax figures but I don't want post them all because they're too many! haha. The tour guide gave us some times to explore the place and I found a good spot to take this beautiful panoramic shot of the city!

The view is so amazing ahhaha at this point I can see the beautiful Hong Kong, many iconic buildings and of course ships!

After 30 - 40 minutes times to explore the place we went for lunch to a popular floating restaurant named Jumbo Kingdom. The highlight of this restaurant is that the restaurant is build above water so sometimes it's called Jumbo floating restaurant. 

To reach Jumbo Kingdom we must ride a shuttle boat and it's free of charge. The food was so-so lah typical chinese food I think, lol. I personally think Duck King is waay better than this! haha

It wasn't that special but surely a good experience to try because this is an international tourist attraction, they say it's the largest floating restaurant in the world.

I enjoyed my time when we ride back to the pier with a shuttle boat, I took some pictures on the back of the boat until the driver told me to sit back inside the boat, ck. Glad the photo turned ok. :v

After lunch we went to some random places and I didn't remember, I think it was something like a traditional chinese drug store or jewerly store. Every time you go to any China countries by travel tour, they'll bring you to some random stores because it's a rule from their government. Yes it was annoying but bear with it. lol

We changed hotel to something called Harbour Grand Hong Kong, it was a great hotel. I ate some cakes with my sister at the cafe while waiting the check-in process because it was soo long.

This is a Strawberry Mouse Opera cake if I'm not wrong, it tastes so mild and so soft, haha the strawberries are fresh too. love it.

Mango Mouse cake, this was also really good with fresh mangoes and berries.

We allowed to eat dinner by our selves, so I walked around the area with my sister after bath to find something to eat. We spent some times walking around to find a good restaurant. We're quite picky when it comes to eat because we're afraid that the food we eat isn't good, haha.

Found a cake store and bought some cakes for eat later XD

We decided to eat Sushi (again?) because the Watei restaurant looks promising and convenient. We prefer a quiet place because it is more convenient for us. We were veryy happy because the food was amazing, haha.

So many tempting menu but I can't order too much because I already bought some cakes that night.

After eating we were hurry back to the Hotel because I wanted to eat my cakes and we need to sleep early because tomorrow we will go to Macau by ferry boat.

I was so sad because I didn't have a chance for shopping in Hong Kong, they didn't include it in the itinerary. I was so disappointed lol but that's okay because I still enjoy the trip because it was a holiday anyway~!


Cominica said...

I haven't been to Hong Kong in ages but looking at your pics is making me want to go! the desserts look so delicious

Cominica said...

too bad you didn't get a chance to go shopping there, hong kong has lots of cool and cheap stuff D:
but all the food looks so yummy~ i'm getting hungry ;-;

Lydia from

Cominica said...

awhh your hair matches with iron man hehe and oh ma godd the food are all soo good looking, I'm getting hungry >.<


sheemasherry said...

Comiiiii you were in Hong Kong before?!! Omg omg omg How I wish we could meeeeettt!!!! Hehehe maybe you dont know me but I always watch you (?) *well it starts to sound creepy* heheheheh

Please let me knowwww if you're in HK again if you don't mind aaaahhhh :')

Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

Cominica said...

Hong Kong looks so cool and the foods are yummy. :3 Your hair and outfit are so cool.
I love your style.

Bai, Shiki

Cominica said...

Lovely photos! ^^ When i went to that area, it was at night. Looks just as nice during the day !

Cominica said...

This makes me miss my home town!!

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