Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Washoku Sato

I think I need a hair cut lol my hair looked so messy that day

Last Sunday, I had a lunch with my sister at Washoku Sato, we always choose Japanese restaurant if we don't know what to eat. Safe choice. ˃̶⌄ᵒ̴̶̷

Actually we planned to watch Doraemon Stand By Me but failed because the line was too long and the studio was awfully full. The mall we visited was crazily crowded so we're looking for a restaurant with a peaceful ambiance. (for killing times)

my favorite inari sushi

I'm a little bit picky if it comes to Japanese restaurant because not all restaurant have a quality fresh raw salmon to fulfil my taste. And of course the sushi rice also very important. I ordered a Salmon Ikura don and an Inari Sushi, surprisingly really good. The sushi rice is great, close enough to sushi rice in Japan.

cost around 98.000 (before tax and service)

I also ordered a cold Soba with my sister, taste okay but not the best, haha.

My sister ordered a bowl of Tempura with rice, she said it was delicious enough just like what we've had in Japan. Haha, glad we've found another good Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.

I also ordered a Matcha Parfait, well a dessert is a must after a meal. This parfait is better than the one at Shirokuma, the red bean and matcha cream taste so good with the corn flakes. 

The mochi is so soft and chewy, the fresh cream is great with the ice cream and dorayaki. Overall not disappoint me. \(//∇//)\

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Cominica said...

Ohh your hair does not look messy at all~ ^ 3 ^
It is very cute! ^ ___ ^

Cominica said...

Lol, gak sengaja klik ini subuh-subuh. Langsung lapaaar T_T

Cominica said...

You're such a cutie!

Cominica said...

every looks so yummy! your hair looks lovely btw!

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