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Monday, December 22, 2014

Maybelline Fashion Brow 24h Coloring Mascara

Always wondering how to get a perfect coloured brown eyebrow? Try eyebrow mascara. I never like black colour eyebrow because I think it's too black and looks so 'shinchan' lol. So I always draw and fill my eyebrow with Brown/Blonde/Purple colour, depends on my hair colour at the moment.

I usually use eyebrow mascara from Dolly Wink because it's not that hard to find in Jakarta but the price is a little bit expensive. And then I got this Eyebrow mascara from Maybelline, I was quite surprised cos I didn't know that Maybelline has an eyebrow mascara.

This is the dark brown colour and I would love to see the result since this mascara is probably the first brow mascara product from Maybelline

The brush comes in a straight wand then there's round shape brush on the head which I found is a lil bit different from the usual wand. I usually use the usual straight wand like the one from Dolly Wink here. It's easier to coat with straight wand because the brush head is smaller and can reach my tiny thin eyebrow.

Many people will find that this applicator is quite bulky so it's not good for an accurate application. But if you have a thick eyebrow I think it's not a problem.

I find it's not hard to use the head, well it's actually quite easy because all I need to do is apply the applicator with a circle motion on my eyebrow. Round, round, round from left to right.

The formula is like a mousse gel and it dries so fast. It stays all day and not flaky. I also realise it's not hard to remove them with a regular eye make up remover or cleansing oil.

But I have to apply it really quick on my eyebrow because the formula is dry so fast and if you apply it again and again it'll become a little bit clumpy, too thick and looks unnatural. You probably need to remove the coating and reapply from the beginning.

This brown colour is not intense and bold, I can only see a little bit colour effect because my natural eyebrow colour is black. But it works quite okay and makes it a little bit lighter so it blends naturally with my ash eyebrow pencil.

Rating: ♥♥♥♡♡

✧ What I like :
. affordable
. stay all day (as long as you don't rub it)
. not flaky

✧ What I don't like :
. dry too fast
. turns clumpy if you apply it too many times
. the applicator isn't friendly for ppl with thin eyebrow
. the colour is too soft, not intense

If you're new to eyebrow mascara and wanna try one to see how it works on your eyebrow, maybe you can consider to try this. It's inexpensive and you can get it like anywhere in Indonesia because Maybelline is really easy to find here. I actually think to get the other colour if they have the blonde one, haha.

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