Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Camelia Hair Oil, My Saviour

What is the secret of my thick and strong hair now? I know I have bleached and coloured my hair so many times but my hair still looks okay (in picture, lol). Only my self who knew my hair condition is like shit.

Camellia oil, or tea seed oil, is an incredible Japanese oil with a sweet, herbal aroma. It is made from the seeds of the Camellia flower. It contains rich antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and is used in many high end beauty products.

Camelia is an old beauty secret in ancient China and Japan, known as a Great scalp conditioner and healthy hair growth promoter, some believe the oil can also put color back into gray hair. lol seriously?

I found this Camelia Hair Oil in Donki and because the price isn't too expensive, I get it. Well, I should say that I'm not disappointed with this hair oil. I'm really impressed.. 

Last year was the worst year for my hair, I've bleached my hair every month and coloured it after that. I use curling iron like everyday. Could you imagine my hair condition? Splits end, dry hair and brittles. 

Well, after I found this hair oil and use it few times, I decided to stop bleach my hair for a while because this hair oil helped my hair. I didn't want the effort to waste so I thought I need to do something too. 

I tried to recover my hair with many treatments and this hair oil works the best. This Camelia Hair Oil prevents my hair from breakage and dryness. I usually parted my hair to 2, left side and right side. And I use 1 pump for each side, it's enough for my thick hair.

It moist my dry and frizzy hair, keep it soft and smooth. Most important is my split ends reduce, my hair looks shiny and healthier.

Now my hair condition is better, like 90% and I lovee my hair even more now, hehe. Well it's not look as healthy as virgin hair though :p

recent picture with my hair, as you can see my hair looks healthy and shiny although I didn't apply the hair oil that day, haha.

I bought this hair oil in Japan but I think you don't need to get the similar brand because any Camelia Hair Oil works the same! Well, this is for my hair though and I don't know if it'll works on everyone. But it's worth to try!


Cominicaコミニカ said...

I just looked at my hair and... well maybe I should look for something similar and give it a try... ;3;

Xiao Vee said...

it looks great ci! *-*
I wonder where to buy it in Indonesia..

Cominicaコミニカ said...

Ohh I think that I need something like this for my hair too! ^ - ^

Cominicaコミニカ said...

Your hair definitely looks like it's in good condition! I need to start taking better care of my hair since I bleach it often too. Thanks for the suggestion!

Cominicaコミニカ said...

I've never looked into hair oils. But after reading your review, I am curious about them. thanks for the post!

Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

Cominicaコミニカ said...

You are always so cute!!!!!!!
Me and Lea have been using camellia hair spray (Shiseido Tsubaki hairspray for damaged hair) for such a long time, and while in Japan we used camellia shampoo and conditioner, it is just way to good!

Cominicaコミニカ said...

hmm your hair looks pretty good after bleaching it every month and stuff! I envy you! :3

Cominicaコミニカ said...

waah where to buy? want to try.