Sunday, November 30, 2014

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner

Some prefer their liquid eyeliner to be matte but some like it glossy. I prefer my eyeliner to look matte because I think it looks more natural, but sometimes at special event I'd love to wear glossy.

A liquid eyeliner is an essential make up for me because it defines my eyeliner and I can manipulate my eye length with an eyeliner. Maybelline has release their new Hyper Glossy liquid eyeliner, yes it's glossy! And I'm pretty curious to try it. Maybelline is my favourite make up brand when I was still in uni because it's super affordable and easy to get in my country.

This liquid eyeliner comes in a traditional liquid eyeliner brush, not a pen type. Honestly I prefer a pen type because it's quicker to apply and no need to dip the brush to the eyeliner pot many times. But I think for a beginner this eyeliner is okay!

The result is surely glossy and super black for me. The surface turns like a tattoo and thick. It dries quickly but I think it contains some alcohol so my eyes feel a little bit perch, if you don't have a sensitive eyes I think it's not a problem.

One good thing about a traditional separate brush like this is, you can apply it thin or thick in just one move. If I use a pen type liquid eyeliner, the result is so thin and if I want to apply a thicker line it needs few applications (maybe like 3-5 times).

I find the brush is a bit stiff so the control is a little bit different with the pen brush, well I'm not used to it. But still okay, it's great if I want to apply thin line!

If you love super black and glossy liquid eyeliner, then you must try this. I personally think this eyeliner is better than Etude house, it stayed longer on my eyes and have thicker texture.

Maybelline is really easy to find in Indonesia, like anywhere! And the price is affordable too, so if you wanna learn to apply liquid eyeliner maybe you can consider this.


Cominica said...

I love Glossy Liquid Eyeliners too! ^ w ^

Cominica said...

i use this too, ... and i would say that the brush is not the easiest to work with. but the staying power of this eyeliner is quite amazing !!

Slumber Talk

Cominica said...

i using this eyeliner too and I love this eyeliner.
Easy to clean and stay longer :D

Cominica said...

It looks good and very dark, I like it!

Cominica said...

It looks deep black so it looks amazing. I want to try it.
Nice post.
Bai, Shiki

Cominica said...

I'm curious now if they have it at the stores where I live, too...
I'd totally give it a try since I love rich, black liquid eyeliner.

Cominica said...

My next wishlist >.<

Cominica said...

Love the shine, now I wanna get this one once I run out of eyeliner

Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy

Cominica said...

Really nice product~!

Cominica said...

I love this eyeliner too~


Cominica said...

Don't think I have used a glossy eyeliner for years now, I have been converted to a gel liner gal ever since I find that it does the wings better :p This looks like an awesome product to try thou, may have to try it myself ^^

Amanda said...

That is such a cute pen liner!! Gosh, you are so beautiful! I love this eyeliner too, I only use this and my Nior Liquid Eye Liners.

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