Wednesday, October 01, 2014

O.M.G Kawaii

Remember the Harajuku community that I talked about few days ago? Thanks for all supports and comments there! I decided to make one with my best friend, Mayu and Miharu. Because they're the people I trust the most for now and I know they'll help me with all they have! :)

I always have a dream to spread Harajuku fashion and Kawaii culture in Indonesia. First, I made my clothing brand Comicou so I can share my passion for Kawaii fashion and all girls can get Kawaii clothes easier in here. (support local brand!)

me surrounded with kawaii items and my handmade clothes for comicou :)

And today in this post I'm going to invite all of you (who interested in Harajuku and Kawaii culture) to follow O.M.G Kawaii on <---

Finally I convinced my self to create this community because without a start point, nothing will change! I want people in Indonesia will be aware that Harajuku (Japan) fashion is different with Korean fashion.. lol cos K-wave is everywhere in Indo so if they see people dress up, they say it's Korean style.. ~_~ honestly I don't take it as a compliment cos I don't even follow Korean fashion. haha

I'm still planning what to do with this community and decided to make an Insta Video Channel instead of photo (cos I posted a lot on my own insta). I'm thinking to make a youtube channel too cos I got some suggestions about that, but it'll be in Bahasa Indonesia hahahaha cos our target is people in Indonesia. 

Many ideas to spread this community but I need to make sure If I got good partner to help me with all projects I have in my mind.

The main purpose is to spread Harajuku Fashion and Kawaii Culture in Indonesia, I want to share about what I know and teach people how to make up and dress up. It's fun~!

Please support this community so in the future we can hold a gathering for Harajuku Fashion lovers in Indonesia. Without your support, we can't make it because to make an event or gathering isn't that easy. So if you and your friends love Harajuku, please kindly spread the word and support us! We will need many and many followers so we can make this community exist!

And I will work hard to make it happens, all I need is support from all of you. <3

Isn't it cool if someday there's an event for not only Harajuku and Kawaii culture lovers but also for all Japanese fashion lovers in Indonesia? I'm not aiming for such Big Event at first but a private gathering as a starter is also nice, right? Let's see if we can make it happens, together!


Cominica said...

Good start, Comi! :D I believe that there will be a lot of people joining in!
I want to join too, but i'm going to study abroad, is it possible? T^T


Cominica said...

mungkin karna makeup harajuku rada-rada mirip kstyle yah ci.. tapi kalau rambut dan fashionnya memang beda banget antara harajuku & k-style ^^

Cominica said...

I hope more people will know more about harajuku fashion ^^!

Cominica said...

Ugh Yes!! They seem can't tell the difference between k-fashion and j-fashion...:(

People in my city often told me "kok gaya lo kayak ke korea korea-an gitu sih??"
pffftt....I really want to slap them with booklet and says "Coba dibaca dulu ya mz"
Actually i don't follow neither k or j fashion, but i love to stalk those cutie pie from Japan<333 Japan is the best!!!<333
Especially Ayumi Seto, I FOLLOW HER AND SHE'S MY #1 ROLE MODEL!!!
Oh!! Please make that kawaii fest thingy happen!! I'd totally come<333 Rela dehhh dari lampung pergi keluar kota demi ikutan fest yg kawaii kawaii<33 I totally support you!

Oiya, di manila kan adatuh yg acara namanya kawaii in manila, iri banget...pokoknya harus diadain juga disini ayo ayo ayo<3333

Ganbatte kak!!!:D Let's make kawaii lover in indonesia's dream happens!!<3

Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

Cominica said...

You are absolutely a kawaii. i love your blog and most specially you Cominica. I wish that your plans regarding Harajuku fashion will do come true. I know that many will support you because it's a good idea that you will realize people that K-fashion is far different from harajuku fashion. Spread the kawaii all over the world. by the way why not check my blog! thanks

Cominica said...

wow.. i love these pictures they are adorable and super kawaii :)
im a new follower :3 and i hope you will visit me soon

Cominica said...

waaaah so cute photoso *___* I love all of them

Cominica said...

love the kawaii set ups xx

Cominica said...

how cute! good luck with the culture community in your country :3

Cominica said...

Very cute! :)

Cominica said... this community is open for boys,too?
if so,i will like to join~^^
i'm a multimedia designer and animator,so i can help with video stuffs or else~ (^D^)

Cominica said...

Could you also put in English subtitles too??

Cominica said...

karena banyak org Indonesia yang masih beranggapan "J-Fashion pasti norak".. ahh orang indo =.=

Model" kalem feminim langsung di anggap style Korea
Style baju sporty ala ayumi seto di anggap korea punya ._.
jepit tengkorak bentuk tangan nya KPP di bilang style nya korea..
Ndak paham saya..

Cominica said...

So so cute :3

恵美より ♥

Cominica said...

setuju dengan ci comi! XD sukses terus ya~! XD

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