Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Afa Cafe 2014

Hello everyone, last Friday to Sunday was the date for Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia. And I was working at AFA CAFE again as one of the Meido. lol

This is my second time working as a Meido at Afa Cafe and probably.. my last time :')

This year we stayed at one of the hotel in Jakarta which near from the venue. And we have like a short briefing at the venue on Friday. There're 3 new Maids and 1 Butler from Indonesia this year, all very good looking and kind!

This year the Cafe is way bigger than last year, like 3 times bigger I think. At first, all of us were very happy hahahaha but later this bigger space cafe made us so exhausted.

So we stayed at Sultan Hotel which is near from the venue. We need to walk like 5 minutes to reach the Cafe, lol a little bit exercise in the morning.

Compared to last year, the breakfast in this hotel just so-so hahaha not that interesting lol. But glad they have some breads, salads, cereals, bacons and eggs~~ :9 

my breakfast on Saturday, lol kinda bored but the Almond Danish is super good~!

On friday my energy was still ok and feel excited, I only know working and do my best to make the customer happy. 

1st day selfie at the rest room. Friday is quite tired but the customers is not that many but quite okay. I saw many new faces coming haha. The Cafe is bigger this year so we need to walk a lot ;__;

with my Momo-chan (lol sorry I forgot to put our photo), talked with her a lot hahaha

I met some customer who recognised me as a Blogger and they said they like my blog.. I feel so happy hehe >w< and many customer thought I was wearing a wig. lol

Selfie on Saturday at the breakfast time, with Nao photobombing at the back. LOL

Saturday was the craziest day, everyone almost fainted cos we're too tired. But we need to keep smiling and serve the best to all table. The line was super long and so many customers keep coming. 

The only problem is there were many customer who stayed too long on the table and when we told them that their time is 'actually' over, some of them not look happy... some of them also act quite rude haha I know you guys already pay a lot for the foods but we must do our job, so sorryy x_X

Even Jas (our manager) came to some table to ask them to leave, LOL.

Selfie on Sunday, the last day of Afa Cafe.

Sunday was quite okay, more crowded than Friday and the cafe operating until 9 pm. lol all of us were crazily tired and want to take a rest so bad. I only drink as many water as I can because the lunch box wasn't good, made me no appetite at all. hahaha

We take turn for resting and go to toilet, this job isn't as easy as you think loh, really (ง •̀_•́)ง

Some selfies I took during the event with other meidos and butlers!

With the anime-like and popular Yutaki! Very friendly also kind and funny, haha it's nice to know him.

My all time bro Rii :v , I don't know what to talk about him cos we know each other for a long time hahahah

pretty Yume but crazy lol XD

with the new Meido, Yuu! I haven't talk too much with her but she's a natural beauty <3 <3

with super moe Toraaa ///// I can't stop give her hugss hahaha she's soo cuteee <3 

with the new Meido Kathy-chan hahaha she reminds me of my friend Miharu, but Kuro-neko version lol at first she might looks a bit awkward but actually quite talkative too <3

with Jasmine, our hard working manager. She's very kind lo haha I don't like if I hear some customers talking bad about her lol I feel like I wanna pinch them :v

and with the lonely wolf Takuya :v my favorite Butler <3

with Hiroshi, the super energetic butler, he's also very kind and friendly :D 

with Ren, hahahaha many girls customer said he's a little bit weird lol but actually he's kind and gentle :) 

With twinnie shizuuu ;___; will miss you so much my bear <3 <3

with Mayu, my partner in crime :v

Anyway the Afa Cafe has ended now and we feel really happy to meet all our customers.

Thanks for coming to Afa Cafe ID and this probably will be the last cafe. Thank you so much and I want to apologise if there's any wrong things we made at the Cafe. Everyone was so tired but we did our best so please give some understanding. lol

See you really soon!

and also thank you for all the gifts I got, thank you so much ////


Cominica said...

Mayu is your sister right? haha. It's really rare that sibling can get along very well, but it's good to see you guys are so nice to each other ////
I also came to the cafe last year and actually your manager is really nice. Maybe she has strong leadership 'aura' that makes some people thinking bad about her >w<

Cominica said...

Your last afa cafe?? WHYYYYYY ;___; oh yeah I'm that weird girl that can guess your house address :p I must say that time is my first ever experiencing maid / butler cafe and I'm totally in love - everybody was so kind and talkative and so playful even though I came on Sunday (the last day) and you guys must be soooo tired but still the experience is unreplacable! Especially Comi because you're willing to talk to me and my friend for a long time lol Otsukare minna <3 totemo tanoshikatta! I want to go again!!!

Xiao Vee said...

OMG Yutakiii ( *w*)/
Andai aku tinggal d jkt ci T____T
Pgn ktmu ma kalia hiks
Btw jkt smpit yaa.. aku br tau bbrp saat yg lalu klo cc dan punipun berteman XD aku tau dia dr youtube.. music skill nya amazinggg *w*

Cc kawaii as usual ;D

Cominica said...

woww~ you met a lot of people :) so envy~

i really want to meet yutakis and you... :( so sad i can't go to the cafe that time

nice outfit~!


Junita Pristi said...

how could you be volunteer at AFA? :3

Cominica said...

You look so cute in the uniform and i really love your post. It is so interesting to read about Afa Cafe. It must be interesting to have a job there.
Bai, Shiki

Cominica said...

You look really cute with maid uniform *-*

Cominica said...

I went to the AFA Cafe last year (the line was super long!) and I saw you hehe I wanted to say hi and tell you how much I love your blog (I've been reading it since 2012~) but I was too shy so I just kind of stared from a distance T_T I had a very kind butler (I forgot his name lol) but he was shy and really nice~

Oh well, I couldn't go to AFA this year (since I moved way to the other side of the world lol) but my friends said they saw you so that's cool! Love your hair btw. ^_^

Cominica said...

I am so happy while reading your post ce,, you know, like my favorite char from anime was popping out from the movie and walk around in cafe, hahahah. OMG I love it !!

Cominica said...

Super cute pictures and I love your hair!

Cominica said...

Aaaa, aku belum pernah ke AFA Cafe. Sayang sekali udah nggak ada, ya :'D You look cute!! xx

Cominica said...

I really wanna go there

Cominica said...

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