Monday, July 14, 2014

BENE Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Shampoo and Treatment

During my travel in Japan, I accidentally found BENE Premium Rougeria Shampoo and Treatment in Donki. At that time, I was looking for a hair oil for my dry hair. Then suddenly I saw these beautiful looking Hair-combi on the hair product rack. (ノ゚0゚)ノ

The packaging is so eye catching and beautiful, it looks so elegant with the diamond-look curve on the bottle.  ♡∀♡

Left : Treatment | Right : Shampoo

Pump Style bottle, I quite like it because I only need to push 1 time and the liquid that comes out is enough for my whole hair. I always wash my hair twice with the Shampoo and love it because it's not dry my hair. The Shampoo itself is very moisturizing and smell super nice.

It smells like mix of Flowers and Fruits, sweet and romantic smell. \(//∇//)\

The foam is easy to create with a little amount of water, makes my hair feels so clean after cleansing.

Hair Shampoo

Contain no-Silicon formula and good for damaged, dry, splits-end hair. I personally think this Hair Shampoo is really suits my hair condition, cos you all know that I often change my hair colour so my hair condition is fragile.

After use this Shampoo for few months (since I was back from Japan), I feel that this Shampoo makes my hair softer and easier to manage. (๑ ิټ ิ)

It reduced the amount of splits-end in my hair, but maybe because I rarely curl my hair now lol. I try to not curl my hair often like before because I need to take care of my hair.

Hair Treatment

The Hair Treatment is also really good, it's not greasy or too oily. It moisturizes and repairs my hair without makes it look dead/dull. The texture is light and not thick, I only need two pumps for my whole hair.

Smells like the Shampoo, sweet and romantic! So girly~!

The price isn't too expensive, I'm not really sure how much I bought them but probably around 1500-1700 yen for two items.

I got my BENE in Japan so I'm not sure where to buy this outside Japan ( •́ㅿ•̀ ). If you visit Japan, you can try to find this Hair product. hehe


XiaoVee said...

What an adorable packaging, ci <3
Look so luxury and beautiful *Q*
What will you do if these products have run out, ci? Since these products are super rare in Indonesia *___*

LauraLeia said...

OMG That is one of the prettiest shampoo bottles I've ever seen! I don't think it's available outside of Japan tho T__T

JuJurika said...

awww packaking is so amazing!!! thanks for sharing!!!

MissLaven said...

How cute is this packaging?! My god, I 'd really like to try it. It looms so beautiful *_*

MissLaven said...

How cute is this packaging?! My god, I 'd really like to try it. It looms so beautiful *_*

Cominica said...

wow I would not have guessed that such pretty packaging contained such a good product! no silicon and reduces split ends? pretty amazing! :)

Cominica said...

love the packaging !
pretty !

Cominica said...

The packaging is really gorgeous, if I have one and it runs out I surely would reuse it!

Cominica said...

The packaging!
super duper cute with the highest level ever!

Cominica said...

OMG ♥♥♥ I love the packaging!

Kay ♡ imladiiekay

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