Monday, June 30, 2014

Retro Kawaii

what should I wear if I'm going out with my family?lol

I'm the oldest in my family and when I go with my full family members, 
I tend to look more mature, haha 

 The top is one of my Comicou previous collection, 
hehe I like it so much!

natural make up looks
cos my mom doesn't like if I wear heavy make up, haha!

And if you noticed, 
I re-dye my ash brown hair again so it looks more even

Top | Comicou
Skirt | Ank Rouge
Bag | Bellagio
Necklace | self crafted

Shoes | Sango
Socks | Tutuanna


ロキシー said...

The ank rouge skirt is so cuteeee!!

Milky Rabbit said...

love it! you look so lovely as always <3

sei said...

I love your Ank Rouge skirt!! And the necklace, it's uber cute <3

Anitawestside said...

look so cute

Seshiria said...

Such a pretty coord!!! The shirt and skirt are both really beautiful too~^^

THT Christina said...

Super cute! I've been liking your outfit photos a lot recently :3

Sarah L said...

I really love your skirt. :3 I hope you had fun with your family~ ^^

GitaRegina said...

aku suka sekali sama rok nyaa...
cece, aku tiap bulan ke jakarta, tapi susah seklai mau ketemu kamu huhuhu

Jessica Arifin said...

Love your skirt!!! ><

margylove said...

I love your shoes darling <3 you look stunning as always! :* :*

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