Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Happiness is when we realize how blessed we are for what we have. 

Sometimes people just can't love themselves and ended live with jealousy and hatred. 
But for what? 
Life is all about Happiness~!

top | harajuku
outer | zara
skirt |  olive des olive

bag | gosh
shoes | ilovesexy


Vermillion said...

I love your outfit, it's super cute!

Jing-Jing said...

Looking cute as always :)
The blues in your outfit really compliments your hair colour Comi!

Lina Paramita said...

Totally love your looks from head to toe... so cuteeee...
love your blog... one followers here ^^ :)


Evelyn Vidal said...

You are SO cute! Love the way you combine everything and put attention to details ♥

Churi chan said...

God, You look absolutely fabulous :D

Kayima said...

That's true!
You look cute as always!
Much love <3

cookiescorpse said...

Love your otfit <3 so cute!

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Your outfit is just so adorable xx

Love always,

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