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Monday, June 02, 2014

Feeling Pink, some update

Pink is my favorite color beside Purple, and whenever I feel abit sad, pink/purple is like the only color that can heal my soul, lol.

Top : CominicaCouture
Outer : The Silhouette
Skirt : CominicaCouture
Stocking : Cominica Couture
Shoes : olive des olive
Bag : wego

My outfit coordinate is mostly from my own brand CominicaCouture, hehe if you're interested in purchasing kindly visit the facebook <-- and yeaah we ship worldwide!

Anyway I'm thinking to join a fashion bazaar to sell some of my collections and hold a garage sale because my wardrobe is too full now. I hope my readers in Jakarta can come if I join, hehe.

And If you follow me on my instagram and facebook page, I guess you already know about my baking addiction now. I got many questions about that and probably will blog about it if I have free time. Thanks for always reading my blog everyone, see you!

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