Monday, May 05, 2014

Pastel Wonderland

Every time I close my eyes, I can see my world.. my own world ♡

It's all pastels.. sweets and kawaii.. with many cotton candy and angel wings ♡

Creepy doll also have a soft heart and want to be happy ♡

Shirt | w♥c
Skirt | wonderrocket
Stocking | Harajuku

Unicorn is represents purity and I think they are so beautiful ♡

Necklace | Claire

Earring | Paris Kids

Bag | Harajuku
Ring | Random

Shoes | Harajuku
Socks | Tutuanna

I want to live in my wonderland forever ♡
Good night 


Yuki said...

So cute! *o*

Rene said...

Ci, can you please make a tutorial for your doll-like make up? You're so cute ^^

Momopodo said...

Even though the look is young and youthful I cant help but feel you seem so mature with this hair and outfit! Very pretty and cute ~ oxoxo

Jurika said...

you are so cute. I love your look.

XiaoVee said...

I always love your style ci >w<
<3 <3

imaginarymi said...

ini pasti di plaza senayan ya >.<

Kayima said...

You're so cute...<3 <3 <3
You look beautiful <3

Churi chan said...

You look so fantastic! Love your hair<3

ohsowai said...

You look effortlessly cute! :) The pastel colors are lovely too.

Sakuranko said...

I love it your tshirt is absolutely kawaii~ All your outfit look from Harajuku~

ManaRuka said...

I love your outfit*-* it's so colorful and cute♥ the unicorn t-shirt is awesome:33

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