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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One Day in Osaka (Part Two)

After take the Subway to the closest Station to Dotonbori, we need to walk for 15 minutes to reach there. We already feel hungry again *LOL* but we hold ourselves because we want to eat TAKOYAKI, mwohohoho! Well, I only want to eat in Osaka! no la kidding XD

I really love walking in Japan because there're so many interesting shop, the air here is really clean and fresh, unlike in Jakarta. (。ŏ_ŏ) #fact

And we passed Lawson.. huh? wait, suddenly I remember that I need to do something here. It's to buy a Ticket to Doraemon / Fujiko.F.Fujio Museum! I already read some information on the website and Lawson is the place where I can get the ticket!

Honestly, I didn't plan to go to Doraemon Museum but my brother was insisting like hell hahahhaha, he desperately want to visit the museum, lol poor him~ And yes I got my ticket at Lawson, just asked the Cashier to help to if you didn't understand. They'll help you with a good service!

And not far from there, I found bunch of Ikemen, yes IKEMEN but on the Poster HAHAHAH.( ๑˃̶ ॣꇴ ॣ˂̶)♪⁺·✧

My sister and I were giggling and pointing like idiot people LOL luckily there was no people around. /slapped

We were like, "Look that's my Type!" "No! He's more handsome! That one with seducing expression!"  and my bro was like "WTF?" HAHAHHAHHA

And finally after we lost a little, we arrived at Dotonbori! I knew it when I saw this Dotonbori Canal. Yey, I can't wait to eat and eat and eat :v :v

This scenery reminds me when Lucy "fairy tail" is going to her home, lol. Idk but it looks similarr (๑ ิټ ิ)

So so many people! So many hungry people! \(//∇//)\

щ(゜ロ゜щ)  food! food! food! (ノ゚0゚)ノ

food! food! food! ヾ(¯ิ﹃¯ิ`*)ノ

And I found this famous Takoyaki Stall accidentally, Takohachi!! I didn't expect I can find this place, lol. I read a review from people in Trip Advisor and he said this Takoyaki is cheap and super good. No wonder many people lining~~ (๑´﹃`๑ )

sorry I forgot the price but it's affordable IMO, maybe about 500 yen? I got 5 balls and it's big and veeeerrrryyyyyyyyyy oiiishiiiiii (ノ≧ڡ≦) ノ . The Takoyaki is melting in my mouth~~ (º﹃º)ෆ⃛ೄ

I ate inside the store because outside was very cold, lol 

After ate some Takoyaki, I could feel that my stomach was a bit full, lol. But I want to eat Okonomiyaki and we walked again to find another store to try. But we found something... our favorite food...( ॣᵅัロᵅั ॣ)ᵎᵎᵎ♡

SUSHI!! Well, we weren't plan to eat Sushi in Osaka but.. we can't hold ourselves because it is.. Sushi! Lol, imagine you already in Japan and you saw a Sushi store with affordable price. How can you skip this? =͟͟͞͞(꒪ỏ꒪)

And the Conveyor Belt was filled with so many kind of Sushi, they go around.. around around.. (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ु⁾⁾ I want to eaaattt

Sushi in Japan is really BIG compared to Sushi in Jakarta which is so.. TINY, lol. I ordered some Sushis and they're look so fresh and delicious! (ᵄ̴̶̷́ॢ ˙̮ ᵄ̴̶̷̀∗ॢ)·₊♡₍₍

Salmon Belly, best best salmon belly I've ever ate! haha the Ikura also so fresh and smell so good!

Salmon Belly Aburi, this one also good but a bit sweet because of the Mayonnaise.

Medium Fatty Tuna, this is sooooo good too! The meat is so soft and fresh.

Unagi!!! This unagi is so yummy and well baked, fragrant and taste so nice!

I spent about.. 1200 yen If I'm not wrong.. hehe ;____; oh my wallet and my belly already felt full hahahha! We can't eat Okonomiyaki anymore.. I feel so saaad!! lol

So we just walking around until the time to ride the Shinkansen. Our schedule was at 7 pm, we can't be late.

So many interesting store in Dotonbori!!

Another Takoyaki store, there're so many Takoyaki store. Well, Takoyaki is really famous in Osaka~! If you go to Osaka you must try it too (۶்▿்)۶


me with the famous Glico icon in Dotonbori, lol I captured all the photos in hurry because we almost late to catch the train, hahhaha!

It was so hard to leave Osaka.. because of the foods LOL and the relaxing environment. I really love this place, we swear we will visit this place again someday and eat Okonomiyaki which we skipped because we were too full, lol. (✘﹏✘;;)

                                          Bye Osaka! ;____;

After we arrived at Ikebukuro, my bro suddenly feel hungry and want to eat. So we tried this Ramen restaurant, because it looks quite good. And no, not the Indian restaurant, lol.

There're a lot of Restaurant in Ikebukuro and some of them open 24 hours, so you don't need to worry if you're hungry! 

I ordered a bowl of Spicy Soyu Ramen with a soft boiled egg, yumyumyum, it was sooo good. hahahha I think all Japanese foods are so delicous! This Ramen was served with pork meat so moslem can't eat this. Be careful if you're a moslem because many Ramen broth in Japan is made with pork.. (。ŏ_ŏ) so better if you ask first to the server/chef.

I ate a big bowl of Ramen at the middle of the night, hahha I didn't even think about my weight because all I wanted was to having fun in Japan to the fullest! \\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

That's all my journey in Osaka, lol. See you on the next post about Japan!

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