Monday, April 07, 2014

Hello Japan!

Hello everyone (۶்▿்)۶, finally I got to visit Japan and already back in Jakarta! My dream country! ₊(ˊᵕ͙ૣᴗᵕ͙ૣˋ)ˈ·˚* It was the best trip ever! Well, I really love Japan so much and now, I love Japan even more!

What should I say about Japan? One word, W O N D E R F U L !

It's like my Dream come true (T___T), I also visit Osaka and Kyoto but only one day because I only have 10 days in Japan, haha I want more! My trip is from 23/03 to 03/04, I arrived on 24th in the morning and back on 3rd of April, also in the morning. I spent 10 days in Japan and I feel its still not enough lol. I swear I'll be back ... (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

a street in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan 

I got many questions about my trip in Japan, and I feel like write everything here but well I decide to separate all the posts, so it's easier to read.  (๑¯◡¯๑)੭ु⁾⁾ so please be patient~

I want to share about all the places I've visited, foods, fashion, hauls, pocket wifi, JR Pass and all the things you might need if you want to travel by your self to Japan. It best to travel by our self, really hahahaha. And oh, I wasn't going all alone to Japan, I went with my sister and brother lol. \(//∇//)\

Firstly, I'm going to share about my flight, I took Singapore Airlines so I need to transfer at Changi airport before arrived in Japan. 

I think their service is good and professional, well as expected? lol. The flight ticket I got was really affordable, I wasn't sure about the price but I think it's around 6500 USD, sorry it was $650, I put too much 0, LOL. I spent all my night sleeping on the airplane because my arrival time was 8 in the morning. I need to save my energy so I can enjoy my first day in Japan to the fullest!

And if you think I wear make up when I sleep, well I wasn't! Haha! Of course I sleep with no make up la, I'm so concern about my skin lol. About 1 hour before I arrived in Japan, I dolled up so I look prettier LOL!  ♡∀♡


After arrival, of course I need to pass the immigration first and guess what? So many visitors and the line was soooo long! But as expected from Japanese, they worked SO FAST and pro, so I didn't feel like lining forever there, lol. (can not take picture cos it's not allowed)

After all the procedures and took my luggage, there're 2 things I need to do before my trip begins. First, get my pocket wifi and my Japan Rail Pass. Why I need a pocket wifi? Of course I need an internet connection because I'm travelling by my self so I will use google maps and other application to keep me on the right track, lol.

And what about Japan Rail Pass? I need this Pass because I went to Osaka and Kyoto, this Pass valid for 7 days and I can took JR Train as many as I want for 7 days, good right? If you're planning to travel in Tokyo only, then you don't need a JR Pass. 1 JR Pass for 7 days cost about 28.300 yen / people.

A Shinkansen ticket cost a lot so if you use JR Pass, it's more cheaper! 1 way Shinkansen ticket to Osaka cost about 14.140 yen for Adult, so expensiveeeee o___o

I'll make a different post about how I got my pocket wifi in Japan and also about JR Pass explanation.

After I got my pocket wifi and JR Pass, I immediately search for Narita Express or N'EX, it is a fast and convenient ride which connecting Narita International Airport with major urban areas in and around Tokyo including Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Yokohama.

Since I stay in Ikebukuro, I guess N'EX is the best way to reach there. And you know what, I can use JR Pass for N'EX so I didn't need to pay again, yey. Narita Express cost about 3020 yen 1 way.

My hotel is at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro, I leave the Hotel's booking to my sister. She said this hotel is quite popular among tourist and the staff can speak english, I thought this is really good since this is my first time going to Japan,  hehe :3

We booked our room for around $100 per night, If I'm not wrong. The room can fit 3 people and it's soooo small, but really clean and comfortable. The staff is really helpful and kind, it also has a 24 hours cafe so If you feel hungry in the night you can go down and get something.

This hotel is super near to station entrance too, I usually took ECHIKA line entrance because it's the nearer, like only 8 minutes. I also pass several family marts like Seven Eleven on my way to the station, so convenient whenever I'm hungry or craving for snack! hahahha (*≧▽≦)ノ

Although I have my pocket wifi and gps, it was quite hard to find the hotel location at the first time. I felt so lost after arrived at Ikebukuro station and so COLD, lol I didn't bring any coat. (smart enough /slapped)

Ikebukuro station has so many exits, I was sooo confused and excited until I forgot to capture any pictures there. I wanted to go out from the Station! 

After some walks, here and there, I found an exit near Lumine. Finally, I can see the road!!! The air is so fresh compared to Jakarta and so many pedestrian road, I unconsciously said "Akhirnyaaa, Jepaaaanggg" <-- lol it was in Indonesian language, means, "Finallyyy Japaaann" I was so touched at that time..  TT_____TT

Finally, YES, Finally! \\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

I guess that's all for this post, I will share many articles about Japan as soon as I can, hahha! After back from Japan I got so many works to do, /cry ( ╥﹏╥). See you! (๑•̀ुᴗ-)و ̑̑


Amaya Yume said...

Haha, I love your selfies, they are so adorable! And you've been at Ikebukuro as well? I'm so jealous! ;o;

♔cominica♔ said...

aw thank you!! yes, my hotel was in Ikebukuro so I walked around there everyday lol

margylove said...

akhirnya jepangggg!!! congarts for your dream come true baby!! looking for the next post *o* I'm super excited read your post. I wish I can go there soon <3 <3

♔cominica♔ said...

thank youuuu baby!!! T___T , I wish you can go there too! <3 <3

Sakuranko said...

Oh sweetie thanks for share your experience and pics~

keemji said...

Aww you look cute as always! Can't wait for more Japan posts! :) It's also my dream to visit that wonderful country... well someday! :) How much did your plane ticket cost again? Is it really 6500 USD?

imaginarymi said...

when I read you put makeup on the airplane I was like "That's a genius!". I always wanna go to Japan, but maybe next year I'll visit Korea first :D

Miharu Julie said...

Akhirnya di post juga *___*
Ga sabar nunggu post berikutnyaa
Selfie ny kawaii banget loh kk <3

SeVeRuS LoVe said...

seruuu-nya lenii, jln2 ke japan! congratzz yaa, like dream comes true!
super exciting! aku nunggu posting berikutnyaaa yaa hihi..^^
btw airplane ticket beneran 6500usd? ($o$)
upperlash-nya pake apa? bagus, dolly bgt..*salah fokus*

margylove said...

May God hear your prayer hahaha.. perhaps someday we can travel together lololl to Japan of course *daydreaming*

Shiki Kaneko said...

Ah, sooo cool! You are really lucky and look so cute. *w*

Bai, Shiki

Chloe said...

I remember the first day we arrived in Japan, we were already so lost looking for our hotel! We had to ask this Japanese couple to help us with their gps ~ If only we knew about pocket wifi back then :P We still managed without internet though! Can't wait to see more posts from your trip :3

Joyce said...

Japan is one of the country I want to go before I die :P you really look cute like a Japanese! The price of the airline ticket is pricey to me O.O i'm so excited to read your coming posts about Japan!

THT Christina said...

I've been wanting to go for so long too! I'm hoping to go soon, friends only visit me and I should go visit them back after all~ :P

Laila said...

One day I want to visit Japan too! Your makeup and hair is so cute ^_^

Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

♔cominica♔ said...

sorry I put too much 0 LOL, I didn't check again :/ , btw thank you!

♔cominica♔ said...

it would be super exciting!! :D hahahha

Churi chan said...

Awww you are so lucky! I really hope I can go soon too :D

Bambi Kṛṣṇā Dāsī said...

YOUR FACE. SO CUTE. Enjoy your adventures! I dislike coming home from travelling to a lot of work too ;(

Naomi Chan said...

Lucky gurl!! I want to see my family to Japan!!! TT^TT *cries*

Marcela Marusera Maślanka said...

A trip to Japan can be pricey, but I guess, it's worth it :) I wanna go someday, too.

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