Thursday, December 12, 2013

Small Collection for Christmas and Holiday

Since Christmas and Holiday is near, I prepared a small collection for my indiebrand "Cominica Couture". I thought it will be so kawaii and beautiful if I made this a vintage flower edition, coz my self would love to wear something pretty and feminine for Christmas. (๑¯◡¯๑)੭ु⁾⁾

So I made like 8 outfits for the collection, kindly check it out! (ᵄ̴̶̷́ॢ ˙̮ ᵄ̴̶̷̀∗ॢ)·₊♡

Which one is your favorite? hhahha

It took about few weeks for me to prepare everything, all outfits are handmade and designed by me. Hehe, such a long way to create everything because I work really slow! :(

The pattern is so cute if you look closer, lol closer picture is available on the page.

The sweet and lovely Frapinelle, simple kawaii dress.

My lovely Bouquetiere~

I swear the pattern is so beautiful, lol!

And my favourite piece, Virginie! Hahaha, super love the pattern and detail, kawaii~

I sell everything on the facebook page and yes I ship worldwide too with EMS but I think the shipping fee is a bit expensive. But if anyone interested can LINE me or message me on facebook. (∘¯̆ᘢ¯̆)و”ꉂ

All items are in limited stock only, because I love anything unique and not mainstream. I think it feels so special hahahha. For price and size, kindly check the facebook page!

So, which one do you like? My favourite is Virginie, it's like the most detail one but of course I love them all~! LOL ( ๑˃̶ ॣꇴ ॣ˂̶)♪⁺·✧


My Lovely Sister said...

Cantik-cantik semua. Hebat banget design-nya XD XD

Meiliana said...

waaa bagus semuaa cee, tapi aku paling suka yg virginie hehe:3

Xiao N. said...

Ahh really cute dresses! Not really my style but man I think you'll make some girls happy with these dresses

Momopodo said...

Very cute dresses ~~ How pretty!

sei! cottonkuma said...

I love Mellise and Virginie, the floral patterns are so pretty. But they're all basically really pretty, what great job <3

Junjun said...

Oh my gosh, I can't decide which I like most in the collection! Everything looks so beautiful! *A* I might need to ask you about Virginne and Bouqutiere! *A*

BeautyDrugs11 said...

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Lovely Blog :)

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Indi said...

comi, lucu-lucu banget. kamu punya yang lingkar lengannya gede gak? soalnya aku gemuk >,< aku suka jardiniere, o my God, lol.

Kayla N said...

I'm new to you and your blog. I didn't know you made clothes! They are sooo cute! Idk picking a favorite is hard. ...2 or 7, yeah. They would definitely work for hime-kaji.

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