Friday, August 30, 2013

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner

Hello ladies, ヾ(¯ิ﹃¯ิ`*)ノ it's been a while since my last make up review. I realized that I'm tired reviewing random make up products again and again. Actually I don't care if there's new make up product because I still have alot on my stash. lol (。ŏ_ŏ)

I prefer buy new shoes or bag because make up can expired in 2/3 years, so I better stick with what I like and buy the new one after the old one expired, hehe. (*/ω\*)

So today I'm going to share about a liquid eyeliner which disappoint me a little. This kawaii eyeliner is from K-Palette, if you don't know this is a Japanese make up brand.

✧ Cute polkadot pink :
This liquid eyeliner comes in cute pink polkadot packaging, I think it's so adorable. Instead of their usual black packaging, I really love this one. You can read my review about other k-palette eyeliner "here".

✧ 24h / 1 day tattoo :
K-palette is famous for bring up those 1 day tattoo liquid eyeliner which can stay on our eyelid up to 24h and waterproof. lol 

✧ Pen brush type :
I always love Japanese liquid eyeliner because they usually come in precise brush in pen type, it is so quick and easy to use. Especially if I'm in a rush or for touch up, hahahah (๑•̀ुᴗ-)و ̑̑

✧ Super Black :
This cute eyeliner has super black color which looks a bit glossy and perfect if you love super black liquid eyeliner! ♡

✧ Texture :
I think the texture is quite promising because it looks thick and gel-like.

✧ Formula :
24 hours? Definitely not true, lol. It can stay just about few hours on my eyelid and can turn flaky a little bit after a while. Especially if I'm sweating or yawning.

This eyeliner can't stay on my eyelid all day, but it didn't make the whole make up looks dirty or messy.

It works better in normal condition though, I mean no sweating and humid temperature. I wasn't really sure because some people rave this liquid eyeliner and personally I don't think this eyeliner is that good. lol.

posing with the black one, lol

✧ Easy to remove :
One thing I like about this eyeliner beside the color and texture is : this eyeliner is easy to remove with just warm water ♡⃛

✧ Where to buy :
I bought this at Sasa, KL. Personally bought this because it is cute, haha and my liquid eyeliner almost dried up that time. Forgot the price but it's quite expensive -___-

✧ Recommended? 
I can't recommend you this liquid eyeliner but if you want to try, then just go ahead. It's not bad, probably doesn't suit my eyes because others seems like it. Probably will suit people with normal eyes, kekeke. As for my self, I prefer get MSH liquid eyeliner than this. (۶்▿்)۶


Aria said...

super cute but i dont want flaky eyeliner after a few hours D:

i'll just stick to my dolly wink XD

♔cominica♔ said...

agree LOL

Chris said...

Thank you for the review!

Grace Aiko said...

anoo... Comi-chii!! ><" mind if you show your whole make up collection one day ? Cause i am very curious ~~ :3

dina chen said...

padahal cute packaging, tadinya mau coba, tapi ga jadi deh :3
ce, itu beli make up organizernya dimana?? hehe
liat barang bagus langsung kinclong matanya >.<

♔cominica♔ said...

you're welcome :D

♔cominica♔ said...

he? haha i only have few, you probably will be disappointed :3

♔cominica♔ said...

iya lucu yah pink gitu, lol itu ak beli di daiso ^^

dina chen said...

ok deh ce, makasih ^^

KASSIDY said...

Cute packaging! That's definitely something Japan always tries to do with their packaging~ but I'm happy with the current eyeliners I own, even if the packaging isn't kawaii!

Raimar ღ Guevara ღ said...

Oh really cute eyeliner looks very pigmented dear,

Thanks for your review!


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Yuki Chae said...

It's usually around 20 dollars, but they sell it on ebay for 15-17 dollars. The packaging is so cute XD!!!

Jia said...

i agree with you too, it doesn't really live up to the hype. I found the Kiss Me heroine eyeliner was cheaper and actually did a better job. The packaging is super cute though lol

choco.scotch said...

ouw that is so cute..!! I hope I have one of those =3

by the way nice review sweetty =3 I'm your new follower from today =3

Eλένη,Ελενάκι,Λενιώ said...

Hey! I think that this eyeliner is must-buy!

Great choice!

Jing-Jing said...

The packaging this TOO cute *O*
I've read your other K-palette review; strange that this one doesn't work as well as the original :\

cottonkuma said...

MSH is waaaay better! It's not even waterproof when it claims to be. disappointing, not to mention that it's not cheap :(

Amyboo said...

Aw, too bad this didn't work out well. :( What a shame--it looks so cute! XD Thanks for the warning.~

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