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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

K-Palette 1 day Tatoo - Real lasting eyeliner 24 H

Hi~ Hi! ♥ I've bought this eyeliner few months ago in Singapore, but I'm not use it often because I'm so addicted with Maybelline hypersharp liner atm. Now, I'm going to make a quick review again about this super lasting eyeliner, is it true? Let's see! (^▽^)

This eyeliner has a precise brush, which is easy to apply, easy to make a thin line, just like Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner! The difference is the packaging and the consistency.
The packaging, yeah I can say "Simple" "Black", just like that. LOL (Sorry, I always love a cute packaging!)

Swatch on hands. (below - k-palette, above - dolly wink(after smudge and waterproof experience, just ignore it).

Texture, Liquid, the liquid is spreading when I apply it on my hands without any base or eyeshadow. It's like an ink.

When dry, the texture look like Dolly Wink. But, I think Dolly Wink is more opaque and the liquid isn't spreading to my skin like this. But, don't worry, if you apply this eyeliner after your eye make up, it's fine! ^^

✩ Drop with water and rub it. Yeah, waterproof! ✪✪✪✪✪

✩ Wipe the water hardly and Ooopss! Okay, it disappear @_@. Is it my fault? (ノTДT) I rub it too hard LMAO the eyeliner become flakes. forgive me *head desk
(no one will rub their eyes hardly when using eyeliner, aw stupid ヽ(`д´;)ノ), just imagine I rub it really hard but it still there. Wasn't it nice? :)

✩ The eyeliner become like this after I wipe the flakes. ⊙▽⊙ " (dumb me). All my fault (ノTДT), I must say this eyeliner is really strong, still stand against my mad experience x_X.

✩ Latest experience, put a baby oil and rub it hardly (again! too hard) (#゜皿゜) , okay~ okay~ it.. still there! But, just a really tiny of it. LOL
Could Baby oil removes waterproof make up?

Honestly, both Dolly wink and K-palette are the same. It just, I think dolly wink liquid eyeliner is more opaque and doesn't spread like K-palette one. But, K-palette is stay more strong and long.

 Both of them are waterproof! Smudge-proof!
If dolly wink waterproof is about 4 stars then K-palette is 4.5, K-palette wins.

✩ Recommended? YES! You'll love this eyeliner just like dolly wink one, very long lasting against my oily eyelid!

✩ Purchase again? Yes, probably. I can't find this eyeliner here in my country, except with pre-order. So, If I find K-palette again somewhere on my trip, I'll definitely purchase it again.

So, which one will you choose? Dolly Wink? or K-palette. 
I'll post the comparison (SANA, Maybelline, K-palette and Dolly wink) on my next post, stay tuned ❤

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