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Friday, July 19, 2013

KATE Lipstick ND BE-1 Nude Beige Review

Kate is one of Kanebo-Japan affordable cosmetics lines since 1997. KATE has been proposing an ever-changing collection of trendy makeup items resonating with the brand motto, “No more rules”

The keywords for the KATE style are urban, sharp, and cool. Liberated from fixed rules about makeup, KATE invites its users to make themselves up in styles and colors of their very own!

Well, honestly I didn't want to buy this lipstick at that time. I bought this lipstick because Candy doll lipstick was out of stock at Sasa My. So, I looked around the store and found this! I wasn't really into the packaging because it looks so standard and urban, hahahahha.

ღ Packaging :
Boring silver color, hahahah. But it suits the concept well. Urban, shape and cool~  (●´∀`●)

ღ Color :
I got BE-1, a natural nude beige color. Mostly Japanese loves to wear nude lipstick because it looks more natural and kawaii~ Their make up usually focus on eyes and blusher, that's why they need to tone down the lips. 

ღ Natural Nude Beige :
Beige is a very pale brown which usually used and chosen for their neutral/warm appearance. This natural beige color looks a bit nude beige pink on my lips. lol all lipsticks tend to turn pinkish on my lips -___-

ღ Texture :
When applied on my lips the texture is not too thick. The color is subtle and moisturizing on my lips. On this picture, I didn't wear any lip balm because I forgot (+_+), my lips was quite dry that time and usually it turns a bit chapped. 

But it wasn't right? hehe  (▰˘◡˘▰)

The texture is not too creamy like Candy Doll's lipstick and has subtle shine~ My natural lip color is a bit pale pink that's why I don't need any lip concealer. 

But if you have visible lip line and darker lip color, I honestly think you probably need a lip concealer because the lipstick has a medium coverage. ヽ(´Д`ヽ

ღ Short Conclusion :
I prefer this lipstick over Candy Doll for everyday wear, because the texture is lighter and more moisturizing. The natural beige color is super beautiful and feminine too, not too much for everyday~ ♡∀♡

Overall : ★★★

☆ Where to Get :
I got my Kate lipstick at Sasa store in Malaysia, If you live in Indonesia maybe you can get this on online store. Super sad! I really hope someday Japanese cosme isn't hard to get anymore in my country, hahhahaha.

Thanks for reading ladies~ See you!

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