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Saturday, July 06, 2013

KAI Eye Decoration Girly Eyelashes 5P Review

Hello everyone, how are you?(  ≧ω≦)/ I hope you have a nice weekend! Today I don't go anywhere because I have a job to do at home. Now, I'm just taking a break and decided to write a review. This time I'm going to share about a box of false lashes from KAI Eye Decoration.

When saw this false lashes, it reminds me of Diamond Lash Glamorous Eye. The design is looks similar, that's why I wanted to try it. (  。◕‿◕。)

☆ Packaging :
Standard Japanese false lashes packaging, it's all white to show the simplicity. ♥

☆ Manufactured by :
This false lashes is made in China and packed by KAI Store Japan, you can check the product on the link. Price is really afforable too, 1050 yen.

☆ 5 Pairs!
I got 5 pairs of false lashes in 1 box! Haha, quite a lot! Each pair can use about 4/5 times, depend on how you take care and clean it. If you feel too many, you can share with your friends. (• ◡•)v

☆ Material :
It is made from a synthetic hair lashes, the lashes isn't soft like Dolly Wink false lashes but quite comfortable to wear.

The band isn't clear too, but the thickness is quite normal. Can bend and follow our eye shape. I think the length is normal too, sometimes I need to adjust the length by adding another false lashes on the edge. ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

The curves of the false lashes is quite fit my eye shape, I don't have any difficulties with this false lashes.

☆ Design :
The design is supposed to gives volume to our eyes. The tip of each strand is thicker on the band and thinner on the tip. It mixed with criss crossed short lashes, so the result is not too over.

You can see that the tip of each feather isn't spiky but looks thinner, this to gives volume but still looks natural and fluttered.

without flash!

☆ Where to get ? : 
I got mine at Kay Collection! If you live in Indonesia, you can find them at their Independent store at some Mall in Jakarta, for example Taman Anggrek Mall or Central Park Mall. 

You can like them on facebook too and follow them on twitter and instagram.
Kay Collection , @kay_collection , @kaycollection

If you don't live in Indonesia maybe you can get them at Sasa/Ebay.

I recently bought new Palty Bubble hair in Candy Ash and Palty Bleach. I asked my friend Pura-kun to get them for me, he went to Japan last month sooo envyyy! Photo from my Instagram, cominica.

Hehe, can't wait to see my new hair! Hmmmmm Should I make the review? (º____º)

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