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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cat Ear Beret from Olive des Olive Japan

Some people asked me about the neko hat I wore last weekend. And I decide to make this quick post to tell where I got it and share some of my pictures!

Many people told me to post more outfit on my blog, haha I usually just post on my instagram or my facebook page because it's faster and easier to do! ( ≧◡≦) I'll start to post more outfit on my blog too~ :D

So, where I got this Cat Ear Beret? I got this from Olive des Olive a Japanese fashion brand, they have many store branch in Japan but the most popular one is at Laforet Harujuku.

My outfit that day was inspired by the brand it self. I was holding the Olive's catalog from my friend and I really love the concept!

Who's that fairy? Is their S/S new concept, brings casual pastel color outfit and a lot of cute accessories! This Cat ear beret is one of them!

This beret has 3 colors Pink, beige and 1 other darker color. You can check the product here

Me with Mayu, wearing the same Beret! hahahahah, you know when we went to mall everyone was staring at our hat and someone was actually asked where we got the hat! lol

Do you want this cute beret too? It will coming to Indonesia soon! More info about it later~ Just stay tuned!

The beret is crafted nicely and made from good material. I thought it's made from yarn but it wasn't! It's made from fiber paper material, so fun and can mix with other style of clothes.

I rarely wear a hat because I don't look really good with it, lol but it turned out quite good because the hat is super kawaii~ hehe ♡

Last picture with Mayu, hahahha we camwhored a lot that day! Kindly visit their Japan's website for more information, you can find Olive des Olive at tmall too. Have a nice day and thanks for reading! (*≧▽≦)οΎ‰


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