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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Canmake Cream Cheek

Hello everyone! (●´∀`●) It's weekend and it's time to relax~ Lately, many people requested me to do a tutorial. Make up tutorial, hair tutorial and even my flower crown tutorial too! lol! Some people even asked about how I take my picture and want me to write some tricks, honestly there's no trick O,o)\ and I can't write about photography tricks because I'm not good at it. About the tutorial, well actually I plan to record one after back from holiday. hehe please looking forward >_<)v

Holiday is almost come here so I need to tidy and clean my house. lol, it's so messy after a lot of work! (+_+) Ahh I wish I have a maid hahahah :V

Well, now I'm going to share my favourite cream blush all the time. It's Canmake cream cheek, I have reviewed two colours before and I purchased again at Sasa last year because this colour is super cute and dolly!

In case you don't know about Canmake, Canmake is a Japanese brand which is popular among teens because it's affordable and good quality. Sometimes appears on magazine like popteen, vivi, blenda, etc.

☆ Packaging

Round and cute! I always love round pot because it looks so kawaii and easy to hold. The material is a bit fragile so be careful to not drop it on floor!

☆ no.9 - Pinky Rose
Cute pinky rose color for your ultimate girly look~ 

☆ Pigmentation
Good! Even it is not a high end brand but the pigmentation is really good! The colour shows on my skin and my cheek!

☆ Cream type
Cream type blush is quick and easy to apply with fingers. Easy to bring around and touch up too! We don't need to use brush for the application. Good for lazy people like me, hahahhahaha

I can easily control the amount of the cream too, just apply little by little and blend it to skin until my desire intensity.

Btw Cream blush sometimes not suit people with oily skin, because sometimes the colour usually can fade quickly and make your skin look more oily. The trick is apply a thin layer of translucent powder after the application, use powder which can control oil.

I have combination skin and this blush works perfectly on me, I'm not sure about oily skin though. 

This is my picture without any blush, you can see how zombie I am. lol so flat face!ヽ(´Д`ヽ

Then I applied this cream blush on my cheek and tadaaaahhh, looks better right?! Fresher and cuter! #slapped

\(//∇//)\ without blush, make up isn't done!

I tried to make horn with my hair, first try and turn out quite good la v(。-_-。)v haha

Well, after all that good pose I release the horn and my hair turn out like… shyt , lol I look like auntie auntie la! щ(゜ロ゜щ)

☆ Short conclusion :
This cream blush will always be my favorite, the price is affordable, quality is nice, all colors looks cute and wearable and of course it's made in Japan la XDa hahha

Overall : ★★★★☆

☆ Where to Get :
Got my Canmake stuff at Sasa, of course it's cheaper in Japan but Sasa is easier to get, lol >_<)a

Thanks for reading everyone, I was so busy sewing clothes for holiday and my costume for cosplay. Next week, I'm going to organize all my Comicou collection, many clothes are ready for sale so I need to do some photo shoot. I need to rush so after holiday I can do editing, bla bla stuff -_-

What you're going to do on holiday? Have a nice weekend and see you~~!!!! (*≧▽≦)ノ

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