Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Koji Line Beat 24 H Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner in Brown Review

Hello everyone, sorry I didn't write many posts because I was super busy last week. Well, actually I'm saving money for next year, for my dream. Hehehe. ( ≧◡≦)

So, today I'm going to write about new product line from Koji Japan. Kay Collection told me this is their new 'Line Beat' product along with other eyeliner. This is a Gel Eyeliner in pencil type, wow I think this is really new isn't it?  (・_・ヾ

Ingredients :
Dimethicone / trimethylsiloxysilicate / polyethylene / microcrystalline wax / triisostearate POLYGLYCERYL -2 / carnauba wax / sesquiisostearate sorbitan / methyl methacrylate cross polymer / silica / tocopherol / mica / titanium oxide / iron oxide /

✿ Packaging :
Well, it looks catchy with all those flashy design. Interesting and looks glamorous! The size of the packaging reminds me of K-palette.

The leopard like pattern is so cute and so gyaruish, hahhahaha!

✿ Pencil Type :
A gel eyeliner usually come in a pot with a brush, sometimes doesn't get brush though. But Koji innovated it in a pencil so the application will be more more easier. Well, you don't need a brush to apply this gel eyeliner!

✿ No need to sharpened :
The advantage of this type of eyeliner is, we don't need to sharpen the eyeliner. Sometimes, I lazy to sharpen my pencil eyeliner so this is really good and useful!

All you have to do just turn the pencil to the right, be careful not too much because you can't turn it back!

✿ 2mm diameter :
This eyeliner can draw a smooth and fine line. Personally I think the size is perfect, 2mm isn't too big and not too small. I love to draw this on my lower eyes!

✿ Brown :
I picked brown color because it looks the most natural on my lower eye, black sometimes can look too much though. But if you're aiming at Agejo look, you can use black instead.

✿ Texture :
This gel eyeliner texture is like a crayon, so easy to draw and smooth. Need to wait few seconds before the gel eyeliner texture is completely dry(hard), if the texture still creamy I can smudge it and create gradation with it. Super super love!

✿ Quality :
It claimed to be water-resistant (water-proof) and long lasting until 24 hours. Well, actually on me it is long lasting but I don't know if it can stay for 24 h though, hahahahha.

About the water-proof, I already did some experiments with this eyeliner. It can fight water and tear but can't stay on my oily eyelid. My eyelid sometimes can be a lil bit oily in humid & hot temperature and it can't really stay. 

If you have normal eyelid then it's not a problem for you. Be careful if you use this in humid & hot temperature for more than 8 hours, it can smudge a little. *cough*

I feel the texture and quality reminds me of Dolly wink pencil eyeliner in Brown. But this one is more gel/cream like.

✿ What I like :
. pencil type gel eyeliner
. no need to sharpened
. waterproof
. creamy/gel texture

✿ What I don't like :
. can smudge a little
. can't stay completely on my oily eyelid all day

Price : 
198.900 idr - more expensive than Dolly Wink

Yes, if you lazy to sharpen pencil eyeliner like me, or if you want to try gel eyeliner but lazy with old style gel eyeliner because it needs brush to apply.

See my eye make up? I love to apply brown eyeliner to my lower waterline~ More natural and cute!

☆ Where to get ? : I got mine at Kay Collection!

1. Independent store:
Mall Taman Anggrek, Level 1 #186.  Tel: 021-5639367
Mal Central Park, #L3-110. Tel: 021-29200400
Pacific Place B1 #10A.  Tel: 021-57973827
Gandaria City LG #15.   Tel: 021-29052956
Kuningan City Lt.3 #45. Tel: 021-30056156
Small shop near Foodhall Plaza Senayan (besides Aneka Citra Snack)

2. Department store:
SOGO (all except PS), Seibu, Debenhams, Metro (PIM), STAR, Keris
Galery, Matahari (TA & Ciputra, TP3), Sarinah, Lotus Thamrin & Golden Truly

3. Selected Guardian

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Junjun said...

It looks like a nice brown. c: Thanks for the review~

THT Christina said...

YOU are so cute!! And I agree that brown is much more natural and cute :)

♔cominica♔ said...

you're welcomee :D

♔cominica♔ said...

thanks!! ahahahha yeah :D

Mysugarcoffee said...

The eyeliner pencil is so so so cute!! You're cute too!

I also blogged about my life in South korea and beauty related blog! Kindly check them out

snowie shuet said...

>.< so cute the eye makeup~ what type of lens are u wearing?

thebeautyblogx1 said...

I think I want to try this now! I just did a post about Model & Co eyeliner if you're interested.



xiupau said...

kawaiiiiii~~ <3 thanks for the review >w<

June L. said...

Ah, I hate sharpening eyeliners. ;n; I like the little twisty cap at the bottom of my liners, makes life so much easier! (and lazier) xD

▲dear-elaine▽ said...

This looks so cute on you! You look super young and innocent in the last pic!!!

♔cominica♔ said...

I.Fairy almond brown :D

♔cominica♔ said...


♔cominica♔ said...

you're welcomeeee :D

♔cominica♔ said...

wwkwkwk ngakak liat komen lu nyan XDa , thanks yaaaa

♔cominica♔ said...

hahahaha yea!

♔cominica♔ said...

thankssss XDa

cottonkuma said...

This looks good lol animal print and very expensive. I hate eyeliners in pencil because we'll waste some of the product by sharpening them!

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