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Monday, June 17, 2013

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Pure Color Gloss in 02 Lady Pink

Hello everyone (*≧▽≦)/~ Anyone know about Kiss Me brand? Kiss Me Heavy Rotation is a brand made by ISEHAN , a Japan cosmetic company in 2008. 

Why 'Heavy Rotation?'. Well, the term ‘heavy rotation’ is abbreviated in fashion magazines as ‘heavy-ro-te’, which has come to mean using the same item frequently. As such, the brand of ‘Heavy Rotation’ was developed based on the concept, 'favorite items that are used every day’>‿<

I think everyone knows I'm into Gyaru make. In Japan back then, girls in their teens and 20s, known as ‘Gyaru’, love fashion trends, and tend to wear make-up every day. 

This ‘Heavy Rotation’ brand was designed to fit key words such as cool, wild and sexy, which were so sought after by these girls in their make-up. ヾ(☆▽☆)

However, in recent times, their fashion needs have tended towards more flowery and feminine make-up. In light of this, now ‘Heavy Rotation’ was developed to encompass the key words of girly, dolly and sexy.

Heavy Rotation Pure Color Gloss is a lip gloss. It has good coloration that can be achieved with only a single stroke and leaves you with a long-lasting fresh look. ≧◡≦

☆ Packaging :
It looks unique and not cheap. I love the label design too~ But it's not as cute as other Japanese lip gloss design, lol.

☆ Wand :
Not too long and not too short. 

☆ The brush head :
The brush is looks pointy at the end and that makes it easier to apply on cupid. 

It can hold the liquid well, so I don't need to apply like few times on my lips. hahahah on First application already look obvious!

☆ Color :
It's a pretty pink color, it looks sweet, feminine and lady look. 

☆ Gloss :
It looks so shiny, lustrous and glossy on lips. It's not sticky and thick, but can coat my lips nicely~! 

On my lips!
Applied on my bare lips! See how the gloss can coat my lips and gives plump lips look.

Shiny~ It has a little bit sparkle too!

On my make up, it looks sweet and make me want to bite my lips, lol *slapped
ekh, my duck face (ノTДT) , took a pic like this so you can see the effect lo! Hahaha ≧△≦

It has appropriate (gloss) thickness formula and I'd love to wear this everyday! It just like the image they build for the brand, lol.  'favorite items that are used every day’

☆ Moisturizing :
Contain collagen, hyaluronic acid and chamomile extract, a perfect combination to moisturizing our lips.

☆ Like :
. gives shine and lustrous lips look
. appropriate thickness
. sweet and pretty pink color
. the easy-to-apply brush

☆ Dislike :
. hard to get in my country
. didn't last long, need to reapply (I don't really mind to reapply though,lol)

☆ Where I get this?
I bought this at Sasa, KL. I'm not sure where to get this in Indonesia, but you can try visit

Yeah, why not?! Hahaha, I really love the texture and result. Not sure what others think about this, but I wear it a lot more than my Candy doll lipgloss now. (´∀`)♡

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