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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kimchi Kumo Grey Circle Lens

Hello everyone, now I'm going to review a circle lens (lol). Yeah and the brand is Kimchi, LOL Kimchi~ Anyone tried it before?. So, lensVillage sent me this circle lens for review purpose, I never like grey colour lens because it looks weird on me. (+_+)

This Kimchi brand is made in Korea. And let's see how it looks on my eyes! XD

✿ Description :
Actual Diameter : 15mm
Effect Diameter : 16mm
Water Content : 55%
Power Range : 0.00 to -8.50
Life Span : 1 Year 

✿ Color : (8/10)
This circle lens has two tone colour. I think the colour looks quite obvious in real life and in picture. Quite good la, really, hahahaha!

But I think it's not look good on me. err

✿ Design : (8/10)
Kimchi Kumo Grey is designed to give your eyes a spectacular effect. Its thick dark outer ring gives your eyes the wide eye effect. The inner psychedelic design will instantly make you the centre of attraction.  The pattern reminds me of animal skin pattern, like leopard pattern lol. 

I think you'll love this lens if you'd like to try unique pattern circle lens. As for my self, I don't really like circle lens with unique pattern, I prefer 3/4 tone colour circle lens. They look more natural IMO.

I'm wondering about the Brown/Green one, I prefer Brown or Green instead of Grey though, hahahhaha. wth

✿ Enlargement : (8/10)
This circle lens looks quite big because of the outer ring! It has 16mm big eye effect, perfect if you're looking for big eye effect.

✿ Comfort : (6/10)
I don't know why, but my right eye feels not comfortable when wear this lens. It feels itch and every time I'm blinking, my eyes hurt. So, I try to put that defective lens in my left eye to see if there's something wrong with the lens.

And yeah, my left eye feels hurt too. So, I took out the defective circle lens and soaked it in the solution. 

Later, I try that lens again… and it still hurt so I decided not to wear this lens again. The other lens which isn't defective is feels quite comfortable though! Too bad! D:

I'm not sure if this lens is defective or not but I'm not going to wear them again. haha :'D

Face looks so chubby in this picture, errrrrr -_____- but I don't have other picture lol. I deleted all of them already because all looks so ugly HAHAHAH. And I didn't wear lower lashes because I'm lazy *slapped

✿ Where to Get :
You can buy your circle lens at LensVillage, their service is quite good and fast! Overall really nice and the admin is friendly too.

I still have I.Fairy Ash Brown and Dolly Eye Puffy Blue to review next. I'm so excited about them because I choose them by my self, hehehehe. See ya!  (ノ゚0゚)ノ

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