Tuesday, May 07, 2013

MSH Love EyesCream Gel Eyeliner

This is my first time to try a Gel Eyeliner in stick with colourful colour! And I'm so lucky it's the Japanese brand MSH. Appears a lot in Popteen magazine back then and loved by many. \(//∇//)\

Honestly, I never like gel liner. It's on pot and need a gel liner brush to apply, I think it's so inconvenient. Especially if I'm in a rush and I always forget where I put my brush, lol. That's why I always stick to liquid eyeliner for an eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliner is faster and easier to apply for me, shahahaha I guess it's depend on the person. So, let's start the review. (• ◡•)v

☆ Packaging :
Comes inside an air tight package, this to make sure the quality of the gel liner still good. The labelling is look super cute too, hahah I love the fresh strawberry and lime colour.

Taadaaahh, cute love love eyes cream! X'D

☆ One Way :
This means you only can turn it one way to get out the liner, turn it right until the pencil appear. Don't turn if the pencil is still present!

☆ Size :
The pencil size diameter is 4mm, small enough to create a precise line. 

☆ Design :
Super super CUTE! I love the dot pattern on the body and the melting ice cream drawing. The pink one is the strawberry and the green one is the lime!

☆ Color :
. Strawberry
A strawberry pink colour, look sweet and cute~ I really love this colour because it looks so girly!

. Lime
Fresh lime colour can make eyes look more attractive and colourful. It look fresh and playful~

☆ Formula :
Both colours looks pigmented and good. It's waterproof and not smudging on my eyes. If sweating it can fade a little. The texture is soft and easy to draw after eye make up.

I love use this gel eyeliner after all my eye make up is done. I use it as an accent so my eye make up looks more playful and not boring. And since this is an eyeliner, it's so easy to apply!

Works better than eyeshadow, hahahha! Shows on picture too!

Sorry for my over white lightning, I have my reason though, loll. At least you can see the eyeliner color!

I love both colours~! I mix it together and it looks colorful~~ It's so pretty for spring or party. Can wear if hang out with friends too, it could be a sweet and cute accent on my eye make up.  (▰˘0˘▰)

☆ What I like :
. pigmented color
. cute packaging
. cute colors
. shows on picture
. waterproof
. stay on my oily lid
. pencil type so it's easier and quicker to apply!

☆ What I don't like :
. hard to find in my country
. can't stay if sweating

I'm so happy I can try this eyeliner, it's so so useful, cute and good. I know I rave too much, lol but that's what I think about this product. Try it your self and find out! (  ︶  ω  ︶) 

If you're wondering where to get this Love Eyes Cream Gel Liner, you can get them at BLINGALWAYS. They sell popular Japanese Cosmetics and they based in Singapore, it's not too far la from Indonesia. You can order from them and set a meet up with them if you don't want to pay the shipping :p.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! (*≧▽≦)ノ


LauraLeia said...

The packaging is really cute, and the colours are really sweet and pretty! ^^

Shirayuki's Beauty said...

They look so great!!

Lys, from Shirayuki's Beauty.

Lauren renturquise said...

looks greats, pretty colors and the packaging sooo cutee :3

Tanya Tonéva Iliéva said...

They look really adorable! ^^

Kocome said...

The colors are sooo pretty :)

Yumi Le said...

That look great. Would you say it's well priced?

Indi said...

lucu banget, comi. sayang ya aku keringetan mulu, pasti cepet luntuhr deh di aku :(


lisa said...

it looks so cute and perfect for spring <3

Fräulein Schnee said...

nice colors...and they really look pigmented. It looks nice on you, too!:D

Anitawestside said...

I love the colors of the eyeliner.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Love the lime one! X

Sashiiii said...

wow i love it ^.^

eKai said...

those liner looks good...yay! i want those too :)

Space and Randomness

Beata Megan said...

you look much prettier when smiling than pouting! ^^

♔cominica♔ said...

thank you! :)

♔cominica♔ said...


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