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Thursday, March 21, 2013

KAI Eye Decoration False Lashes

I recently reviewed many Dolly wink false lashes from Kay Collection♥. To tell you, Kay Collection carry other brand of false lashes besides Dolly wink. Like Decorative false lashes and this Eye Decoration from Kai beauty care. Have you ever heard about this brand before? (/‾▿‾)/ ~~ (I love to make false lashes review, so don't (´Д`))

Kai Eye Decoration is produced by KAI-Group Japan. I'm going to review two of them, let's see!

☆ Natural Pure :
A false lashes that can make your make up look natural and pure! Recommended if you're looking for a natural false lashes that can be used everyday. ('∀'●)♡

I got a glue too, but never tried it. Lol, I'm too attached to dolly wink glue X'D

☆ Quality :
I've tried a lot of eyelashes brand and I think the quality of KAI false lashes is quite good. It is thinner than chinese false lashes but not as natural as dolly wink false lashes lol. It has a black band, but don't worry it's not thick. The band can follow the shape of my eyes and not itchy. ❤

☆ Design :
It designed to look delicate and gentle. They made the middle part is fuller and longer to make eyes look bigger and rounder. It can lift my small eyes, make my eyes look bigger. 0w0 

☆ The Curve :
I don't really the the curve, I think it's not too curvy. I need to curl the false lashes with my eyelash curler until the arch I want. (¬、¬)

This is the result, I don't wear lower lashes to keep it look natural and pure.

The look on my face, my eyes really look bigger and rounder because of the middle part. (///д//)

Now, is the second false lashes design by KAI.
☆ Natural Nudy :
A natural volume false lashes, longer in the middle too!
☆ Quality :
Same like the Pure false lashes, the band is thin and easy to apply. I think the feather is quite soft too and not looking artificial.  ( ̄▽ ̄)

☆ Design :
It is fluffier and thicker. Supposed to look good with nude make up, the feather creates a soft, long and flutter eyelashes effect.

This is the result on my eyes, I do curl it with my eyelash curler again so it can lift my eyes. Make it look open~ (●♡∀♡)

My natural make up, hahha I don't wear lower lashes again that day, just one coat of dolly wink long mascara.

About the KAI eye decoration false lashes :

☆ What I like :
. Affordable (cheaper than dolly wink, lol)
. The thin band
. Natural looking
. Can re-use multiple times

☆ What I don't like :
. Not curvy like I want, I need to curl it again with my eyelash curler. I think it's because of my eye shape, other ppl might don't need to curl it again.

If you asked me which one I like the most, I should choose the Natural Nudy! The Natural Pure is too natural for me, hahahah it looks perfect to school/office though because it looks so natural. (ノ´∀`)

☆ Where to Get?
I got mine from Kay Collection Indonesia.

1. Independent store:
Pacific Place B1 #10A.  Tel: 021-57973827

Mal Central Park, #L3-110. Tel: 021-29200400
Gandaria City LG #15.   Tel: 021-29052956

Kuningan City Lt.3 #45. Tel: 021-30056156
Small shop near Foodhall Plaza Senayan (besides Aneka Citra Snack)

2. Department store:
SOGO (all except PS), Seibu, Debenhams, Metro (PIM), STAR, Keris
Galery, Matahari (TA & Ciputra, TP3), Sarinah, Lotus Thamrin & Golden Truly

3. Selected Guardian

4. Like Them on Facebook:
Kay Collection

5. Follow them on Twitter to get the latest news and promotion info:

6. Instagram :

Anywaaaay, thanks for reading!! See ya! Sorry can't reply and answer all comments, can't visit you back too. (┳Д┳) I'm going to work out now, JA NE~~!!!

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