Saturday, January 05, 2013

Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar

Do you like to wear perfume (///∇//)? Honestly, I rarely wear one. Lol, I always forgot to wear perfume every time I go out. That makes me give all my perfume to my mom  because she wears it a lot. And because I tend to forget, I need a small perfume so I can bring it everywhere and can fit in my make up bag. And I found this cute little perfume bar from Tony Moly, I mean SUPER CUTE! So let's see what I think about this tiny perfume bar. ('∀'●)♡

☆ Packaging :
It comes inside a clear plastic box with a supeeeeeer cute Hello Bunny label printed on it. The bottle has a cute bunny shape with a ribbon on the middle. Each fragrance has different color and expression! So interesting!ヾ(☆▽☆) 

☆ Feature :
. Stick type solid perfume which is easy to use and has natural scent
. It has 5 different fragrance to choose
. It contain essence that glides softly and moisture our skin
. Open the cap to use the bar and roll the body to bring the bar

☆ Perfume :
I got the Dodo Rose and Pompom green tea, honestly I want the Bebe Powder too. Well, maybe all of them? LOL

. Dodo Rose :
Top Note : Ginger, Bergamot, Citrus
Middle Note : Apricot, Peach, Neroli (Floral)
Base Note : White musk
This scent is so feminine and girly.

. Pompom Green Tea :
Top Note : Lemon, Bergamot, Tangerine
Middle Note : Lotus, Green Tea, Osmantus, Lily
Base Note : Amber, Musk (floral)
This scent is fresh, relaxing and energizing.

☆ Staying power :
Well, I can say this perfume only stay for couple hour. Sometimes the scent still leave on my hand/neck but not very noticeable.(゜∀゜)

☆ How to use :
Wear on your wrist, neckline, behind ear or behind your knee. lol xD

☆ Texture :
This kind of perfume bar reminds me of deodorant, mwhahahahahha. It's not dry my skin and feel soft after apply. Not feel greasy at all and moisturizing. ♡

I don't mind to re-apply because the packaging is super super cute, lol mostly people would ask what is this and guess this is a lip balm or lipstick. X'D

☆ What I like :
. Cute bunny packaging >w<
. Natural scent
. Easy to bring
. Not greasy
. Affordable

☆ What I don't like :
. Can't stay for all day

☆ Where To Get :
I got mine from my sponsor Zatura Shop, you can use my coupon code : "Cominica" to enjoy 13% discount for pre-order stuff minimal amount of 300.000 idr from 1-15 January! Kindly visit their shop for more information about this promotion, just don't forget to quote "cominica" to enjoy the discount. Happy Shopping~~!(≧∇≦)/


Cominica said...

it looks like their mist! xD super cute~

Cominica said...

Oh looks like the mist I vae one and it´s felicious! i want try this perfum!


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Cominica said...

I love energetic, citrus scents *-*
so this "green tea" makes me curious xD

Cominica said...

Those are SO cute! I'm not into perfume bars cause they don't last long, but they seem like they'd be really nice to carry with you for a quick bit of scent :)

Cominica said...

The perfume is too cute, Tonymoly packagings are so cute *-*

Cominica said...

They are so cute! I really want to try the one with green tea, because I don't like those girly ones ;)

Cominica said...

OMG! The packaging its so damn cuteee >.<

Unknown said...

Ohhhhhhem GEE that is the darnest most cutest thing evarrrrr! Cominca you have amazing reviews darling~

Cominica said...

Tony Moly has adorable packaging! ahh~so cute
lovely review!


Cominica said...

when I saw the "behind your knee" I really laughed so hard haha! :)) The packaging is so adorable! I love bunnies! <3 Thanks for the review! :D

Cominica said...

Super cute! Tony Moly packaging are always amazingly adorable~
I haven't seen these around yet >W< I want to try a tester xD

Cominica said...

The packaging is so cute! <3
Which one do you like the most ?

Cominica said...

Why do you always review cute things Comi?!
You always make me want to buy everything LOL
I want to buy some of these perfumes but I'd prefer to smell time first before I decide on anything ^^"

Cominica said...

Adorable!!! Just a question. I had a glittery stick perfume before (Britney Spears). I didn't like that it was greasy on the skin. I feel like I'm rubbing lard onto my skin. Are the Tony Moly ones like that?

Cominica said...

SO cute!! I would wear this, mainly because I don't like a heavy perfume, so I usually go for mists, or perfume oils. I really like to smell good, but I'm so picky I only like fruity smells and I hate florals. Which one is the most fruity smelling?

Cominica said...

So in love with the packaging <3.

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