Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex You & Face Blusher

New blusher for this year!o(≧▽≦)o, I chose two lovely color from The Face Shop, Lovely Me: Ex You & Face Blusher. I picked a matte pink peach and shimmery orange colors to my blusher collection. Well, I love to mix two to three colors on my cheek just like on japanese magazine. I found this blush design is look interesting, so I give it a try.(-^〇^-)

☆ Packaging :
This series came in a rectangle shape which is look clear and clean. They have a cute label on the front too. The size is perfect too, not too big and too long for my hand. I think the packaging is made from a strong and sturdy material.(´∀`)♡

☆ Texture :
I'm glad the texture isn't chalky like my TFS cushion blusher ≧△≦. With my petite brush, it's so easy to apply and build-able. Love love it!

☆ Color :
07 Pink Peach, a matte pink peach color which is look super cute and natural on my cheek.(///∇//)
08 Orange Syrup, an energizing orange color to brighten my skin and make my appearance look fresher.

swatch with flash,
☆ Quality :
I think this blusher is quite good, the color look noticeable on my skin. And it stay quite long about 4-6 hours on my cheek, depend on how dense I apply it on my cheek. It's not messy and powdery when use and the shimmery orange color is so pretty! imo, lol ヾ(☆▽☆)

without flash,

At first, I was skeptical about this blusher but so curious. Hahah, glad it works on me! I use both of them a lot now, kekeke (^▽^)❤

☆ What I like :
. Affordable
. Pretty colors!
. Good staying power
. Buildable
. Not chalky

☆ What I don't like :
. Not any

With number 08 - Orange Syrup, aaahhhh I really love this color atm, ahhahaha. Maybe because I don't wear orange blush frequently.(¬д¬。)

Mix number 07 and 08, number 07 doesn't look that obvious on picture. I guess I need to apply it a bit thick next time. But still, aren't they so pretty? XD

☆ Where To Get :
I got mine at Lovely Pinky, you can get 5% discount if you mention my name Cominica for minimal purchase = 100.000 idr.
This product was sent by Lovely Pinky as a review purposed

Thanks for reading Ladies and Happy new year ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ! Wish everyone a great and merry year. I have few resolution this year and I hope I can do my best to realize them. I start going to my new workshop this friday, time to do some work now. Btw, I have a new part time job too this year, at a maid cafe. LOL, well it's quite embarrassing but, I'll talk about it later nee?. Ja ne! (*´▽`*)


Cominica said...

The packaging is lovely ! I really like the face shop's blushers, they stay a long time :DD thanks for sharing ♥

Cominica said...

Really lovely blushes are georgeus and cute! Thanks for this review.



Cominica said...

waaaaaai! they look so cute! *-*

Cominica said...

aawwh the packaging is soooo cute!! >.< the colors are pretty too! xx

Cominica said...

the packaging reminds me of she uemura blushes, minus the print on the cover xD

the orange one looks pretty, i don't think i have a pure orange blush, maybe i should try this X)

Cominica said...

wuaah I like the orange one, but it looks a bit frosty on swatches. But really, I LOVE the shade :3

Cominica said...

These colors look so pretty. :) Very gorgeous~

Cominica said...

cute packaging!

Cominica said...

The blushers looks really nice! : D

Cominica said...

sooo cute! <3

Cominica said...

that's soo cute! <3

Cominica said...

Both colours look lovely! :D And the casette print on the packaging is cute and retro ^^

Cominica said...

iiiih, sukaaaa.. warnanya natural. aku kurang suka blush on yg terlalu warna-warni, sih :) what so embarrassing about your new job? i thod that's interesting :))

Indi (

Cominica said...

pahaha I love the slogan on it "you make me pretty" thanks for the review girl! I've been looking for some new blushes lately.

Cominica said...

your face is so cute i cant >W< haha!!
thanks for the review :3

Cominica said...

These both look so perfect, I love them, uh oh I feel a splurge coming on, lol (:

What lenses are you wearing in the photo? They are so natural!

Wengie said...

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Nacchu said...

Cute <3

Mikhayla Taylor said...

Im pretty sure your the cuteset thing ever !

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