Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream

Looking for a new BB Cream(゜∀゜)? Yes I was! I was looking for a new bb cream, more better than my current BB Cream now ≧△≦. So, I had my eye on Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream. Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream promotes silky complexion and brightened look with Pearl Mineral Powder infused sheer coverage. Powerful UV protection and Long lasting waterproof formula for all day outdoor protection. Sounds great right?ヾ(☆▽☆)

I wonder why Etude House made this bottle really small =3=.

☆ SPF 50+/PA+++
I love bb cream with high SPF, mwahahahaha that means I can wear it to out door without afraid of sun. I hate apply sun block to my face because my skin can breakout because of it ;;;w;;;

☆ Packaging :
It made from a solid material with short size so we can easily grip with our hands. However, it's so small compared to other bb cream, o(´^`)o

☆ Safety Cap :
I love whatever product that comes with Cap, that means : "hygiene" for me. Beside that, the Cap is really tight and not loose.♡ Well, all bb cream comes with cap LOL

☆ Sponge Applicator :
This is remind me of Fairy drops bb cream, hehe. I think this kind of applicator is really useful especially if I'm in a rush and can't use brush or sponge to apply (-^〇^-). I don't like apply base/bbc with my fingers now, it'll make my make up base look oily.

☆ Direction :
1. Sponge Application : Dispense cream and use sponge to gather and apply coverage to all areas of face.

Just squeeze the bottle (SLOWLY) and facing down the bottle, well then the bb cream comes out from that hole in the middle. I find it look a bit nasty in my picture Σ(゜д゜;) HAHAHAHAHAH *slapped

2. Direct Application : Remove cap and dispense onto hands for direct and additional application.

So, just dispense the bb cream from that tiny hole if you want to mix it with other product or if you want to use brush.

☆ Shade : 
N02 - Light Beige

This the the swatch on my hands,
☆ Texture :
Hmm, I kinda like this bb cream texture. It's not too thick like Lioele bb cream but not too runny like Innisfree green tea bb cream. It's not hard to blend and the finishing look so natural.( ・∀・)

☆ Coverage :
Medium -> heavy coverage, I love this kind of bb cream, hahahha. I have many flaws to hide so medium to heavy coverage suit me best. Compared to Lioele triple solution, Lioele coverage better than this.

☆ Formula :
This bb cream surprisingly has a good oil control! I love the matte finish too, bb cream usually has glowy/semi matte finish but this one is just.. matte. 

☆ Scent :
It has a scent that I don't like, same scent like the Sun powder. I prefer a sweet and soft baby scent.( ゚з゚)

Let's see how this bb cream can cover my flaws and acne. Before, you can see my big pores TT_____________TT

After, well you can see that this bb cream covers the flaws naturally. I mean the bb cream really blend onto my skin! Not look cakey and heavy at all. The shade is suit my skin perfectly too~ 
It can hides my acne too, but it still look a little bit nee, can't hide it 100% lol. 

☆ Not Oxidize :
After use it few times, I find this bb cream didn't change my complexion tone after all day. BB cream usually can oxidize on skin if you wear it too long, especially if you sweating or if you have oily skin. I find this bb cream perfectly fine on my skin.

☆ Good Oil Control :
Compared to my current fave bb cream, this bb cream work better. Both of them are nice and has good oil control, but I like this one more now because the shade suit me better. And it's not make my face look a bit dull after 8 hours.

☆ Long lasting Waterproof :
I find it so true, this bb cream is long lasting and stay well when I was sweating. It disappear a little though, but my make up still look so good! So, the waterproof properties is really exist. lol my skin type is combination.

☆ Not make my skin breakout :
My skin sometimes can breakout because of bb cream ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ, but this one is just like Lioele triple. The two thing that make it different, Lioele triple look a bit yellow for me and it can heals acne (believe it or not but happens to me!).

So, recommended? Yeah, why not?! Hahahaha, you'll love it though. My sister has it and she loved it too~(/^▽^)/ 

☆ Where To Get :
I got mine from my sponsor Zatura Shop, you can use my coupon code : Cominica to enjoy 5% discount for pre-order/ready stock product. Minimal amount purchase 100.000 idr.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this post! (≧∇≦)/


Cominica said...

wow this one looks really nice! I'm now using he BB Cream from Etude House, maybe my
little sister can use this. Thank you for the review! ^_^

Cominica said...

This looks promising~ I prefer lighter bb creams (in terms of coverage), but I have a few friends who have been looking for medium->heavy coverage. c: Definitely referring them to this~ Thanks for the review! :'D

Cominica said...

rather good coverage, I'd check on EHs BB cream later on, still got a lot to be finished, yet I rarely use BB cream so I don't even know when will I finish even one bottle of it lmao. The attached sponges is kinda creative, but wouldn't it be a lil bit tricky to clean it?

Cominica said...

mwahahah yeah, aw you must have a good skin to begin with! I prefer light bb cream too when my skin is in a good condition, but as you can see my skin condition now.. ;;;w;;;

Cominica said...

lol yeah, I still havent finish my other bb cream too -.- , don't know when I can finish it though :( , lol yeah, I think I'll clean it with cleansing oil, but we can change the sponge, they sell it separately.

Cominica said...

yeaah :D !!! you're welcome, my little sister really love this too ^^

Cominica said...

very good and detailed review!! i was thinking of getting this one and the other sun one by etude house since they have a wider range of colors :) it looks great on you and wow it covers very well and nicely!

Cominica said...

Good choice! It's my favourite bb cream so far! :)

Cominica said...

nice review~ sadly i can wear only greyish bb creams, because these that have yellow tone looks very yellow on me :c


Cominica said...

Whoa, this covers rather nicely! :O The pictures convince me to try this next, haha. <3
Thanks for the review lovely~

Cominica said...

This has good oil control for you?!
I had a sample of this and used it a few days ago. I loved the texture but I got sooooo oily and it oxidized on me within like 3 hours :/
I'm glad it works for you though

Cominica said...

great review! i wanna try that too...=)

Cominica said...

This products look good! I've always loved Etude House BB creams. :D The sponge applicator reminds me of those shoe-whites during school days though, lol!

Cominica said...

kalo pake Nama cominica beli etude ini di zaturashop disc 5%?
pembeliannya di facebooknya langsung kan??

Cominica said...

ciiii bisa info no telp/Pin bb zatura ga??
mau beli nih

Cominica said...

gonna try this ~ i love bb cream ~ currently using etude precious mineral bb cream and going to upgrade to this one ~

Cominica said...

I'm planning to buy this bb cream! awesome reviews as always :3 *_*

Cominica said...

really good coverage !! had my eye on this bb cream for a while.. definitely gonna buy it :) thank you for the review :)

Cominica said...

mau nanya dongg aku selama ini pake yang etude bb cream all day strong (color no.2) dan dr segi warna n coverage udah cocok banget, tapi begitu liat produk ini aku langsung tertarik sama produk ini (apalagi spf na tinggi :P) tp aku bingung sama pemilihan warnanya, yg 02, 13, atau 15 ya kr2 plg mirip sama no 2 nya all day strong??

Aku mau beli yg warna 13 tp tkut trlalu terang warnanya, soalnya kalo liat di website2nya gitu, kayaknya no 13 lebih terang dr no 2 nya all day strong, tp aku tkut terlalu gelap jg klo beli yg no 15 >__<

Cominica said...

Between this, Liole triple solution BB cream and Liole Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream, which one do you reccomend for everyday use? I'm a student with a very oily T zone and dry cheeks. I wear glasses too. I am acne prone and my skin is super duper sensitive. If I wear the BB cream, I'll most probably wear it for the whole day. Can you help me? ><

Unknown said...


KateKl91 said...

i use Missha #21 and it fits me perfectly, do you think that Etude House n02 will suit me as well, or will it be too fair?

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