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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Etude House Nail Art Pen

Nail Art Pen (*゚ロ゚), this is my first time try something like this. Hahaha I usually use my thin brush and manually dip it to nail polish then draw on my nail. And it's quite troublesome w(°o°)w because nail polish is dry quite fast sometimes. So, when Lovely Pinky offered me to try this I was so excited. She sent me the white and black color from Etude House.(`∀´)ノ

☆ Packaging :
Long! and not big, just like a big pen! XD. Made from plastic and it's easy to grip while drawing, but I hope it's smaller though. lol

☆ The Tip :
Sharp and fine point. Can draw precise line and the liquid can come out by squeeze the middle bottle part. But sometimes, the liquid can come out by it self if I face the tip down without the cap.(¬д¬。)

☆ Can draw many shapes :
I'm so happy with this pen because I can draw anything I want, haahha. I need time to get used to it though this is my first time so it's kinda messy. hahahahaha XD

kekeke, so cute right? XD

☆ Formula :
Need sometimes to dry and it's ugly if I double line it. The liquid can pile up and look messy.o(´^`)o

Add few black parts, still so messy.. ;;;;w;;;; need more practice to make a good one.
The black one is a bit sheer than the white one IMO.

☆ Refillable :
Because the bottom part can be open, I think I can refill it with other color if I ran out the liquid. Hahaha, not sure about this though because the liquid still a lot.

☆ Only has 3 colors?

Black, White and Pink. I hope there're a lot of colors like 20 colors XDDDD hahahha.

☆ Bleed with Top Coat? Hate it!
Errr I don't know why this happen, hahahah well, maybe I need to wait about 10 minutes but it's too long~ Hate This!

Well, after reading my review it's up to if you want to purchase it or not. Hahahah. I'm not sure I'm going to buy another pen of this. But, I love that I can refill the pen with other color, hehe.

I got mine at Lovely Pinky, you can get 5% discount if you mention my name Cominica for a purchase about 100.000 idr. Happy Shopping!(/^▽^)/ 

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