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Monday, October 29, 2012

My Short Trip Haul XD

Hellllloooooooooooooo (///∇//), I'm back! XD XD mwahahha, So, last thursday I went to Singapore with my family. We visited some places like Flower dome, Claud forest, Singapore Flyer, China Town and some mall for shopping. My feet so tired because we walk a lot all day, mwahahahah. It was fun though~

And some people asked me about my haul, ahahaha so I'm going to share it now. I didn't buy many cosmetics stuff because I have a lot now, so I just buy few lashes, hair dye and hair treatment.(´∀`)♡

 Hair Dye (Beauty Labo, Palty bleach and palty milk tea brown).

Some face mask, cosmetic cotton, Hair Treatment (Asience Hair Mask and Macherri Hair Oil), Utena aloe toner and refresh contact. 

Jewerich lashes  (/^▽^)/ superrr happy X''DD

Popteen Magazine XD 

Lucido-L hair wax, hahaha I'm going to cut my hair so I probably need this. Not going to cut my hair short though! XD

I'm still thinking which Salon I should visit to cut my hair.. hmm -_- , I probably will go to Shunji Matsuo for hair cut, but it's so far from my house. Or probably One Piece.. but my sister cut her hair there with the Japanese hair stylist and it's not that special imho mwahahahha. Well, let's see if I'm going to try that Salon that means I need saving money first because it's not cheap =3=

That's all my haul, hahhahah. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day~~~ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

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