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Friday, October 19, 2012

Masami Shouko Dual Fibre Brush

Applying foundation with fingers sometimes can transfer bacteria and oil to my face. ≧△≦ That's why I don't really like using fingers to apply foundation or bb cream. I always wanted to try a Dual Fibre Brush since long time, but never get any hahahha. My sponsor, Kay Collection was kindly sent this product to me for review purpose. This brush is from Masami Shouko, a Japanese brand. 

☆ Function :
Dual Fibre brush is most commonly used for apply liquid foundation and powder, can use for apply cream blush too!

☆ The Fibers :
The white and black bristles made from a synthetic fiber. Really soft and not itchy. The white fibers is so thin and moves easily together with the black one as the holder.(´∀`)♡

☆ Clear Guard :
Got something like brush guard to help keep the brush clean. Hahaha, not that effective but it's better than (///∇//)

Close up to the fibers

☆ Smooth and Silky Finish :
Because of the thin and soft fibers, this brush can create air brush finish so the foundation doesn't look cakey. Natural result (^▽^)❤, I love use this brush to apply my liquid foundation, powder and bb cream. Sometimes, I use it to apply my cream blush too like canmake cream cheek. Superrr nice!

☆ How To Use :
Dab the brush to liquid foundation, then apply to your face in a lightly and smooth circular motion. Buff until it blends flawlessly. Same for powder and cream blush.o(≧▽≦)o

I recommend this brush if you love a natural finish base make up (/^▽^)/. You probably need sometimes to get used with the brush, though. But believe me, it's easy and quick! Hahahahhaa 

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