Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I.Fairy Almond Brown

Hello (/^▽^)/~ Today, I'm going to share my favorite natural dolly lens at the moment. I got this circle lens from Lens Village. I always love I.Fairy because they have many colorful lens with great pattern. But, this time I want a circle lens that can make me look dolly but not over like Alien. You know Kyary Pamyu Pamyu right? I was looking for a circle lens which similar like the one she wear.(///∇//)

✩ Diameter : 15 mm
This lens has 15mm diameter but 16.2mm effect.

Manufacturer : Vassen
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Water Content : 55%
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable

✩ Color : 
Natural brown color with black outer ring. Unlike Mimi Almond Brown, I think this Almond color is more obvious than Geo.

I wear this lens A LOT now, hahahaha. Hmm, just like what I've said before. I love Kyary's eyes now, it gives a lonely and lifeless doll feeling. That's why I'm going to wear this kind of dolly lens more often. Hahahahah and it makes me look younger too.

✩ Pattern :
I.Fairy Almond Brown contact lenses have an attractive almond colored inner ring which is covered by a black outer ring. It lends and pleasant and natural look to your eyes. 

✩ Comfort : 
The material used for these lenses doesn’t hurt the eye (´∀`)♡. In fact these lenses provide great comfort to the eyes. And I don't have any discomfort while wear this lens. I.Fairy has the most comfortable lens ever.

✩ Enlargement : 
These lenses are designed to give your eyes the Big Eye effect. My eyes look big and dolly but still not over like other black lenses. It gives 16mm enlargement and still look natural.

✩ Where To Get :
I got mine at Lens Village, kindly click this link and go directly to the website.

Thanks for reading everyone, I'm going to Singapore tomorrow~ Will be back on Sunday! I'm so sad to my self because my body still feel not really well..╥﹏╥ I hope I can enjoy my days there, I'm going with my family, hehehe.≧△≦

I heard that Watson got Jewerich now, REALLY? hahahah >w<)\

Hope you have a great days, see you!(≧∇≦)/