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Friday, October 05, 2012

Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blush

This is my second post about Holika Holika make up. Lately, I got so many offers to try Korean Cosmetics and I was so excited(⌒▽⌒)! I usually use a lot Japanese cosmetic but I love Korean cosmetic too. Maybe some of you never heard about Holika Holika, but believe me you'll fall in love with this blush!

I got my Holika Holika Fantasy blush at ZaturaShop, my new sponsor. They sells korean cosmetics and us cosmetics via online. Few weeks ago they emailed me and offered me to try this blush. Why not? This blush is mecha kawaii~~ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Can't resist the super kawaii packaging~!!!!! *die *Q*

☼ Packaging : ☼
The round canteen case with cute pattern is really catch my attention!! Dominated with pastel colors and childish flower drawing-like, I think it's so unique! I'd love to bring this blush everywhere just to show off, LOL *slapped.

Got 3 colors, pink, peach and choco.(*´▽`*)
Comes and wrapped inside plastic seal, imported directly from Korea!

☼ Cute Puff : ☼
Got a cute puff inside it, it look so similar with Majo puff de cheek. The puff quality is normal just like other powder puff, lol. I love the ribbon accent on it!

It has a plastic seal to separate the new blush with the puff, there is a cute Holika logo printed on it. Super cute!

☼ Heart Shape : ☼
Could I say it once again? SUPER CUTE! *scream then die. The blush has three colors inside which compliment each other.  The blush comes in Heart Shape in the middle and this is enough to make me even want it. *slapped.

Fit my nice perfectly, not too big and not too small. Size is okay.

Zoom the blush, the pink label is so sweet too.

1. Pink Love Fantasy Blush
♥ Number 1 : Can use for highlight on cheek, a light pink color with shimmer!
♥ Number 2 : The most pigmented and obvious color from this blush palette. A Dolly pink color!
♥ Number 3 : A peach pink color, use together to create 3d cheek look.

Captured with flash, all colors are really pigmented. Especially number 2.

Captured without flash

☼ Overall : ☼
I think all the colors in this palette are surprisingly pigmented! At first, I don't really expect much from this blush, but in the end it make me love it even more! All colors can use together or just by it self to create a lovely and sweet cheek look. I love number 2 the most in this palette.

2. Peach Love Fantasy Blush
♥ Number 1 : A really light peach skin color for highlight, can use for highlight nose too. Has shimmer. 
♥ Number 2 : Sweet and strong peach orange color! Look fresh and energizing on my skin.
♥ Number 3 : A peach-brown color, can use together as a base color on cheek. Has shimmer.

Captured with flash, all colors are really pigmented!

Captured without flash

☼ Overall : 
Same like the previous one, this palette is pigmented! I love the middle color the most because I don't have many orange color blush like that. And it can make me look so fresh and lively, lol.

3. Choco Love Fantasy Blush
♥ Number 1 : Warm brown color, has shimmer for highlight cheek. But, I love this color for shading my nose!!!! XD
♥ Number 2 : A choco brown color, good for shading my cheek. Hmm not that pigmented like pink and peach, because this brown isn't that dark. But I don't mind because it look obvious on my fair skin.
♥ Number 3 : A bright brown color can use for shading cheek or eye color too, lol

Captured with flash

Captured without flash

☼ Overall : ☼
I got this color for shading purpose, hehe I don't have many color for shading my cheek so I choose Choco color. This color probably not that interesting, but it so useful for me. I can use this palette for shading my nose, cheek, jaw, etc. Worth to have! Can use for bronzer too.

☼ Texture : ☼
Silky veil powder, really smooth and satin finish. Has a little shimmer on the top color.

This is a picture of me wearing the blush, I mix the pink color with the choco for shading. Hehe, I only apply it lightly because I'm going out. I don't want to look like clown, hahahahhahaha.

Second picture of me wear the Peach blush, hmm why it looks a bit pink? Or probably just my eyes.. lol. I love how the blush is really pigmented and make me look lively (///∇//). But, maybe I apply it too much? LOL. I just want the blush look obvious in picture though, hehe.(T▽T)

☼ About the blush : ☼

✩ The blush is pigmented in each color.

✩ You got 3 colors inside 1 blush, great right? Can use for highlight and shading too. Use small blush brush to apply it. I use my hd blush brush from masami shouko.

✩ The puff isn't useful because it has 3 colors in it, mix together with the puff only make it look weird and too much. hhahah

✩ Blush comes in shimmer and can make my face look a bit glowy.

✩ Super cute packaging!

✩ Recommended?? Yeah! Why not? Hahahaha I don't have any complain about this blush.
Rating : 4.7/5

Where to get? ☼ 
I got mine at ZaturaShop, you can use my coupon code: "cominica" to get 5% discount for pre order or ready stock. For minimal order 100.000 idr! Make sure you add them on facebook and ask them about the price because I'm not sure how much it is.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping~~! I'll be back with many cute cosmetics review from Korea! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

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