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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Comicou - Komikomi new collection ^^

Hello Ladies, especially if you live in Indonesia. HAHAH, so yeah finally Comicou release their new Komikomi collection. Sorry for really late update of all collection and if you're waiting for Komifuku and Ribonbon, I hope I can release them soon. Please kindly check out all items on their facebook! And if you haven't know about this, Komikomi is a sub-brand I created for Comicou, all affordable clothes. :D

So, this collection is basically not self designed like Komifuku. Because Komifuku is handmade so I can't sell it like other clothes.. And Komikomi is supposed to be more affordable than Komifuku, I choose all the outfit by my self. Most of them I got during my trip so it's from abroad, hehe. Not going to tell you ne XD

Okay, please enjoy the picture and if you're in Indonesia don't forget to buy HAHAHA *slapped* , all good quality though!

Okay, I think that's all. Hahahahha, btw ladies!! Could you do me a favor? Lol, it's easy ne~ Please kindly support Comicou page below by clicking Like button. Haahah and no, there's no giveaway XD but please do before closing my blog! LOL, no la kidding, please support if you're feeling to. :D

Thanks all for reading and even support me! I'm still working with Komifuku collection now, hahahhaha. I got a problem with my current workshop and going to move soon! X'D Hope everything is going well so I can work again like always. See you! >w<

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