Monday, October 01, 2012

Day 7,8,9,10 - KL - Genting Highland - KL - Indonesia

My last post about my trip (-^〇^-)! Hehe. When arrived in Kuala Lumpur, we hurried call our van to take us to Genting soon >‿<. My dad and his friend loves Genting because they want go the Casino there and play ≧△≦. My dad also love the place too, when we went there few years ago it was really nice so we want go back (´∀`)♡. But too bad we didn't get the Hotel there, so we stayed at Arwana, quite far from Genting Highland.

Arwana is really big! The resort hotel is tidy and nice but I don't really like the breakfast there, lol.o(´^`)o
I didn't take many pictures while I was in Kuala Lumpur and Genting. All pictures in this post taken with my phone cam.

Arwana resort ♡

After we checked in, I wanted to take bath then just sleep. But my dad insist go to Genting highland after we take a bath -______-. We went there by shuttle bus provided by Arwana, need to queue and it took so long, lol. Cam-whored while waiting the bus XDDD

with my daddy's friend and his daughter, Ana. (*´▽`*)

We arrived there then had a dinner then walked around. SO CROWDED THERE I SWEAR. LOL. My Dad even met his school friend there! HAHAH. Then,  I went to Sasa with my sister, bhahahahha already planned this with my sister before. We want to sight seeing or probably buy some stuff there. 8D

We went to buy Anime dvd's at Music store before went to bus station. We walked to the station and wait for the shuttle bus again. So tired after back to the hotel and still need to remove make up then clean my face, then apply skin care HAHAHA why so busy XD. *slapped

The room is quite big, double king size bed for me, my sister and my mom. My mom sleep with my sister, kekeke. I sleep like kungfu panda so no one want to share bed with me, mwahahahhaha. (ノ>▽<。)ノ 

We were on 26th floor so when wake up the scenery was so so beautiful. We can go outside and sit too, enjoy the morning and fresh air. (´∀`)♡

After rushed at breakfast we went to Genting Highland again, hahahahhaha. To First world again then 6 of us (me, my sister, my bro, my dad's daughters) walked around at Genting highland resort. So so big, hahahha my foot is crying for rest.(ノTДT) 

 with my bro and my sis while queueing.

 I look so SHORT and fat here =3=

with Devi and my sis outside first world resort.

I didn't really remember my activity there because I just wandering around with my sister and eat, walked then sit at Cafe and eat then drink *slapped.

Had a dinner at Korean restaurant inside Arwana with my sister. Quite good.(゜∀゜)

We spent 7th and 8th day at Genting. Then on the 9th day we went to Kuala lumpur to met my auntie. We stayed at Sampurna hotel, cheap but quite good. Location is really strategic too, near Sungei wang and other big mall. So many food around too. My auntie wasn't that fit so we go visit her. She was pregnant at that time and we wish all the best for her.  (/゚Д゚)/

Weeks ago, she gave birth to a healthy and cute son!! Everyone was so happy heard the news. Hohohohoヽ(;▽;)ノ

After visited my auntie, we went to Sungei wang for dinner and walked around. So many cute things there~~ I bought something at Watson too, kekekke. (;¬_¬) 

Back to the Hotel, I packed all my things neatly so I didn't missing something. Then I found out I lost my etude house blush when I was in Thailand, my sister brought same blush and we left it on the vanity before we went outside. I think the room service probably took it, but I don't know... ah too bad! (¬д¬。)

On the Day 10, we went back to Indonesia in the morning and arrived at 1 pm. I miss Bangkok and KL already, hahahha. I'm going to Singapore this month, on 25th with my family. I'm planning to bring my parent to Flower Dome, I love flowers~~ Actually I want to meet some friends there but not sure if I can make it. I want buy some magazine or stuff there, hmm I'm saving money for shopping right now!(>д<)

I'm going to post my holiday haul soon, please looking forward but don't expect too much, hahahha. Thanks for reading ladies~! Good Night!(≧∇≦)/


miharu jhulie said...
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♔cominica♔ said...

wkwkkwkw =3=

Momo said...

Omigosh ! you came to Malaysia ?! *O* and i see you had fun xD You should totally visit Sunway Pyramid where they have Etude house, Holika Holika and etc outlets ! THey have everything there !!! xD

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