Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Solusimu - Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Cover

As a woman, we need to concerned about cleanliness and hygiene for our body 。◕‿◕。. Especially in the intimate area. In Indonesia, It's rare to find public toilet which has disposable toilet seat cover, except luxury area. Malls, gas station, restaurants, etc, usually doesn't has it. 

Research shows that Flour Albus (keputihan) and Hepatitis A are infected to others through pee and poo, which makes Women more vulnerable to these germs while they unknowingly sit on public toilet seats. (eeeuuuhh (((( ;°Д°))))) Germs are not for Sharing!

This problem is makes me want to try this Disposable Paper Toilet from Solusimu. And share my thought about it. I am really concerned about this, many women doesn't really think they need this toilet paper. I, my self, really hate to use public toilet because it's freak me out to imagine all the germs and viruses. @__________@, That's why I really need this!

As you can see from the packaging, dominate with blue color. Look professional dan trustworthy.

✩ 10 Sheet per Pack
✩ 100% Virgin Pulp
✩ 100% Biodegradable
✩ Convenient
✩ Flushable and Disovable in Water

I love this so much, because I can bring this everywhere I go now! I'm so scared to use public toilet @___@. With this toilet paper, my life is become easier! I don't need to cover whole toilet seat with tissue paper again, hahahahha.

Even though with a toilet paper, I always clean the toilet first with hand-sanitary lotion and dry it with tissue, then use this toilet paper as the cover ≧△≦. I really really concerned about cleanliness because one of my friend in College is suffered from a disease of a spinal cord. And the doctor said, it was because she get infected by germs and viruses. And the virus/germs can spread through toilet seat. Is that true ∑(O_O;)? I don't know about it, but since that time I'm afraid to use public toilet except at luxury places where the toilet is super clean and has toilet seat cover. 。◕‿◕。

If I forced to use public toilet at mall, I usually do it with this position. XDDDD HAHAH I already used to it. LOL 

But how If I want too POOP?? T___T , I usually wait until I go home, lol so sad!

How to use the Disposable paper toilet seat cover?

Real item,

Use this toilet paper is super quick and easy, it's really help me anytime anywhere. With this paper toilet, I don't need to afraid about germs again~~!!  \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

This pack is only about 5.000 IDR which is super cheap~~!! It's rare to find Disposable paper toilet seat cover in Indonesia. And I'm glad Solusimu has it~! I don't afraid to use public toilet again now, it's not a problem for me again to use public toilet. Hehehhe Thankss Solusimu for this useful item for Women. (^▽^)❤

If you have a same problem like me, why don't you try use this too? 。◕‿◕。
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Thanks for reading Ladies~~ Let's start protecting ourselves as a woman and I hope everyone is always keep their intimate area clean and hygiene. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Byeeeee