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Monday, August 27, 2012

Shiseido Moist Hair Pack - Hair routine during my trip

During my trip to Bangkok-KL, I bring this Hair Pack with me because this Shampoo and Treatment is good for Dry hair。◕‿◕。. After bleaching, my hair is dry a lot than before. Sometimes my hair can become a little bit hard to comb, (T▽T)lol. Realize that, I know that I can't treat my hair while traveling because I probably forget it because too tired. I need to bring something easy and quick for keep my hair looking good during the trip. kekekekke (⌒▽⌒)

This travel size can use about 5 times for thick hair like me. I love the blue packaging of this Hair Pack because it soothe my eyes hahahha.

Shampoo ::

Texture is thick and rich, has a nice scent and doesn't make a lot of bubble. Clean my scalp thoroughly and doesn't make it dry after cleansing and oily after a day. My damaged hair become soft and smell really good, can stay for few days.  However my scalp can feel a little bit itchy sometimes.(¬д¬。)

Conditioner / Daily Treatment ::

Texture is rich and creamy. Scent same like the shamppo, really nice. Moisture my hair and the more I use it, my hair become softer and smoother. It's not hard to comb my hair and it look healthy now. When touched, my hair feel soooo soft like my usual hair before bleaching, lol.o(≧▽≦)o
Superrr love the Treatment~~!! I really want have the full size of this someday~ ❤

Bangkok weather is really hot at afternoon and suddenly raining at 3/4 pm ~_~ , Sara said that because Bangkok is in rainy season, hahhaha. I'm glad I bring this hair pack that time, so my hair can still look good, lol. Got many compliments from people >w< hehehe.

Leave you here with a picture of my hair condition now after use this Hair pack for 5 days.(///∇//)

You can buy this Hair Pack at Artiestyle and there's a coupon code too : "COMINICA". You can get 10% discount for a purchase more than $20. Artie sell a lot of Japanese cosmetics, please kindly visit their site. Check out their current promotion now~ *Q*

Thanks for reading and Happy shopping~~!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

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