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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bangkok Day 3 - Fun Fun Dayo

Heeeyyy, let's continue my trip in Bangkok (≧∇≦)/ , lol. The third day in Bangkok, Sara (our guide) brought us to King Duty Free because she thought we probably want to buy something there. When arrived, the store hasn't opened yet.. so I just walked around and took photos with my sister, hahahah  the building is super cool~! And yeah, I didn't go to any temple that day~~ >m<

FOTD, hahaha *slapped. Wear my new T-shirt because we were going to Dream World after that. (゜∀゜)

My sister, Sara and Me. Can you guess how old is Sara? *evilaugh*(///∇//)

Then we went inside the store and all branded stuffs there, lol. There were lots cosmetics too like Lancome, MAC, etc. Not really interested.. hahaha and beside that we only have 1 HOUR to shopping, LOL. 

Kawaiiii~~~ want to buy this but my luggage couldn't fit it. lol

I bought some snacks there and a little bear key chain, I'm going to make it for my accessories. Kekekke (´∀`)♡

From King Duty Free, we went straight to Dream World, a theme park in Bangkok. After arrived and walked inside, I found THIS. SUPER PRETTY HIMAWARI~~ 
And I tied my hair because it was super HOT there @_____@

We went for lunch first at a place where tourist eat. I think that is a special place for tourist, the food was okay. And Lol, bought 1 clothes there and my Arale frame. Super cutee (/^▽^)/

Only in dream scenery~ super cute fairy tale decoration!!!

In front of Ginger House

Cinderella's pumpkin cart~

The sleeping beauty with sleeping knight~

Inside Giant House~ That is my sister XD

The Giant Boot's XD

After captured so many pictures, then we tried the rides like Hanging roller coaster, space mountain (roller coaster in Galaxy, super COOL!), etc. So fun, and all rides aren't harmful. I didn't try some rides because suddenly rain.

We went back to have dinner. And Sara brought us to a Restaurant which is SUPER DELICIOUS and GOOD. Hahaha, she specially arrange it for us to try! She said, many Japanese and Europe tourist like to eat there. And it was so true, because that night all table filled with Japanese people, hahaha. They were so friendly too. The restaurant name is Phong Keow (if I'm not wrong), serve Thai's food. I didn't take any picture that day because I ate like a monster LOL. Super hungry!

After that, we went to Asiatique. This place is remind me to a place near my home "Benton Junction". I bought one dress, flip flop and a bag there, kekeke super cute! So many cute stuffs there, price isn't expensive too~~! I want go there again someday~

Lots of clothes and accessories store there.ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

So, that's the end of the 3rd day, see you soon on the next part. Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!! If you have any question feel free to ask (///∇//).

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