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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bangkok Day 1 with pictures ^^

Hello~~ (≧∇≦)/ I'm going to share some places I visited while I was in Bangkok. So, on 14 August at 1 pm, I arrived in Bangkok and was SO EXCITED because this is my first time visit Bangkok. 

After arrived, we wait for our guide to come. There was a little problem with the Travel Agent, but so lucky we got Sara as our guide, she's so cheerful, kind and informative~! We didn't join tour from Indonesia because we have other place we want to go. After arrived, she took us to food court to eat because all parent and children were hungry. LOL, I went there with my father's friend, and He was with his family too, so our group is contain 10 people. XD

After ate some delicious food, we went straight to Marble Temple. Our schedule is super tight so I need to hurry took photos while listening to Sara's explanation about the Temple.
So pretty~ *w* , I love the roof design and the window. It just beautiful~ o(≧∇≦o)

My FOTD that day XD XD, I did my make up on the Plane, lol my dad wasn't look happy when saw me doing my make up LMAO.
1st day in Bangkok my skin still look pretty fair, lol now I look a bit yellow XD

Magnificent~ *Q*

My group, lol. Asked Sara to help capture this picture, khekekekke. Can spot me? XD

Then we went to Grand Palace but TOO BAD it was raining about 30 minutes after we arrived there... ( ゚ Д゚)
Didn't capture many pictures there.. sooobbbb!

Cloudy Y_Y , And so many people there @__________@. I can't took a good photo to post on cominicaland T___T

After the rain was not that heavy again, we move to our Van and went to Wat Pho, The Reclining Buddha Temple. ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ
So big~!! *Q* and everything looks Gold~ hahhaha

Detailed~! And so greaaatt, I know this might be boring for some people but I love to see historical sites/museum/temple with so many beautiful things to look. 

After that, we had a dinner at Chao Praya Princess dinner cruise. The food wasn't really nice, I don't know but my sister like it. Hahahah, I already too tired that night and eat less because I was so sleepy.

After that we went back to Hotel and sleep, lol. So tired @___@

See you on the next part! Thanks for reading~~ (*´▽`*)

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