Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clarins "Perfect Contour for Perfect Look" Beauty Event

Last week I got an invitation from Clarins, I know I don't really active blogging now 。◕‿◕。. So I was surprised there was an invitation from Clarins in my email. I was busy like hell now, don't have time to pamper my skin, making nail art/falsies, etc and don't have free time for writing a post ≧△≦. I don't want to push my self for blogging because blogging is my hobby and I don't want to ruin that feeling. I just love to share~. I'm happy I could manage my time last weekend to make few posts, including this post and draft all of it. So whenever I'm free, I can publish it and share it on my facebook and my twitter. hehehe (●♡∀♡) I hope I can do it regularly, sometimes I just too lazy to open my laptop. lol

BTW, The highlight product in this event is The Shaping Facial Lift. The event was held at Pullman Hotel, Jakarta. Ex Nikko Hotel.

This beauty event is OPEN for all Clarins Twitter and Facebook fans, so this event wasn't specially for bloggers. I think this is really nice because everyone who interested in Clarins can come too~ beside that, they can buy some of the products and received special offers in the event!! 

Some people were asking me how to get invited if they're not bloggers, they want to attend a beauty event too. I don't have any connection so I couldn't help them ( ;^; ), (and I rarely got invitation too LOL) and I'm not an active person hahahahah. 
Clarins is really kind, I can bring 2 of my friends to this event (I wish I can bring more, LOL). I invited my sister and my best friend to here. So, they can know about Clarins product and of course an experience to a Beauty Event. ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

I know this is shameless, but I came late again -___-"", that because I couldn't sleep all night. Is that insomnia? I fell asleep at 7 and the event was at 11, lol wtf, but at least I could make it although it was a bit late. My friend, Miharu was waiting for me in the hotel's lobby, HAHA sorry dear! When we came to the room where the event was held, there's many people inside and there was no chair to sit. Actually, there were few empty chairs, but you know, people usually tend to leave their bag (especially women) when they leave for a while, so when they're come back they still have place to sit  -`д´- ,Is this happen too in your country? I never do something like that again since I was graduate from high school LOL. But that's not a big deal.

Suddenly some people go out to eat so my sister and my friend have place to sit. I invited them so I should let them sit first! :p Then, Mada from IBB greet us warmly, she's friendly and always welcoming(*´▽`*). I met other beauty bloggers too beside her.

I miss the Shaping Facial Lift demo and I kinda hate my self for came late (;≧皿≦). 

Later, I talked to Mrs. Christina, it was so funny that she remind me as the "kawaii girl" lmao, I was so shy (≧σ≦)\\ because she kept calling me kawaii kawaii, hahahahha I didn't look kawaii at all that day (ノTДT). My hair was so messy and my make up was horrible (◎_◎;)  because I was super hurry, lol. I didn't even want to took picture that day, hahahahhaha. ._.

Mrs. Christina told me a little information about the product. She asked me to try the product by my self, but I didn;t want because I was super lazy to remove my make up. lol. I saw many ladies were tried the product and saw the difference by themselves. Amazing, I heard the after effect is make our skin feel fresher and lift our cheek so it look more younger. Hohoho, I really want to try it and I think my mom will love this product. I want to buy this for her to try ♥

After talked with her, she told me to eat, lol yeah I was so hungry! My sister and Miharu were already fill their belly, damn they took the Salmon ╥﹏╥ and I didn't have any. Hahahaha, buy my kind sister was give me one for try, lol. All the food was good, especially the tuna salad, salmon and baked Gindara, thank you Clarins for all delicious food~!(ノ≧∀≦)ノ After that, we were talking about Cosplay, hair style and stuff, lol my sister and I rarely meet with Miharu so we were talk like a bird. hahahhha

We were back to the room because I think it was rude to stay too long outside while the event was still on going  (゚ε゚ ). And I met with Aini from mylovelysister, she's soo pretty~~ my sister said she's so pretty too~~ ♡^▽^♡, she was doing a hand massage so I didn't want to disturb her, lol.

After she done with her hand, I asked her how it feels and she said it was nice. There were 2 empty chairs but I want talked with her first, lol I rarely talked with fellow beauty blogger because I usually too busy with my self (;¬д¬). She's really a kind person and always smile~... to me *slapped, bwhahahaha. We were talking about our job, she said Comicou is cute and I was so touched *lol over, hahahah but seriously I had a good talk with her that day. She told me to try the hand massage, there was no one on those chairs so I approached the theraphist and ask her if I can do the hand massage. And she said, if there's no one fill the chair why not? The chair was empty so long, lol I think she was a little bored XD

The hand massage was done with Clarins product. First, she scrub my hands with Clarins body scrub and massage it. I felt so relaxed, I haven't go to a spa/massage center for 3 months!L(・o・)」

Then she clean my hand and apply Hand and Nail cream from Clarins. 

She slowly massage my hand and my fingers again, I almost fell asleep ( ̄□ ̄;). Lol. The result of the hand massage, my hand became so smooth and soft. Hahahahah, the theraphist told me to try Clarins beauty spa. Actually, Clarins already sent me an email about that but I don't know when I can go there. I need to make appointment first, but I'm so lazy to call (*゚ー゚)

After did the hand massage, Suddenly a cute girl approached me, said her name is Marsha. she's a blogger too. This is my first time meet her, such a cheerful girl and lovely~ Too bad she was in a hurry because she want to left already. I met with Monic later, she's a blogger too. She came really late while everyone was already left the event,lol. But the good thing there were many empty seats *O*.   

Miharu still waited for her ride so we (my sister&I) accompany her while trying Clarins products. My sister and Miharu really excited too because finally we could sit and check out Clarins product by our selves.

I'm so curious with their product because I really love Clarins white plus, maybe I'll consider buying Clarins when I run out skin care. My sister even said, she want to buy Clarins skin care and body product if she has her own money in the future. Lol, I said "me toooo" XD. 

We were talking while ate cakes and sandwich, hahahah so comfy but later we feel uneasy and left the event too. We moved to the lobby, sitting and talking about many funny things. Lol~

My only photo on the event, lol I covered the entire Clarins poster wtf -.-, I love this dress, it makes me look slim, HAHAHA *slapped

This is miharu and my sister carl, lovely~~

took picture on the bathroom, hahahahaha we didn't want ask someone to help capture picture of us, lol I look like Giant XDDD

Overall, it was a good day~! Great event, we got information, product samples, food and chance to try Clarins product. Even though there was no enough chair to sit, hahaha they should count it first because they said I can bring friends there. 
BTW, In case you don't know about this, there's a SAME event like this from Clarins this saturday. But the event is hold at Pullman Hotel, Central Park~ If any of you is interested pleaaaseee follow their twitter here and like their facebook page here. You can ask them directly about this event, this event is open for all people who like their twitter and their facebook. Hurry~~~~ and Good luck~!


Rindodo ♥ said...

whaa I've always wanted to try a complete skincare line from clarins, maybe later after I finish my beautyzen line <33 thanks for sharing kawaii-chan! tehee

Josephine said...

Looks so fun! >U< Haha, I also want to try going to a Beauty Event! ^3^
You look so pretty and cute! Your dress is so kawaii! >U<

Skinny_Love said...

it looks like you had a fun day! *-* facial treatments are a very rare and luxurious thing where i live you know, people tend to look to these things like they are some kind of "fancy" habit. I wish i could attend to a beauty event like this too T3T
Love * Monstros no Armário

miharu jhulie said...

thanks bangettt uda ngajak ke eventnya :)

Susan Lolo Bua said...

waa... Cominica cantik banget!

♔cominica♔ said...

youre welcomeee, hahha :)

♔cominica♔ said...

haha maybe next time? :)
thank you~!

♔cominica♔ said...

sama2 deaarrrr :*

♔cominica♔ said...

makasih yah :) aslinya ngga kok, lol

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