Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Popteen May 2012 issues - random favorites

Kyaa, Pop Teen TV! You can watch it on youtube.

Mizuki and Nozomi such a cutie ^0^ 

New LizLisa Collection!

Meet Pop Sister Model! My favorite is Kumicky and Yui Pair XD

Ank Rouge!

 And Ank Rouge and Popteen Collaboration makin Okarie inspired hair wig.

What you should get this month.


Fashion spread

My Favorite Popteen model, Okarie, Kumicky, Mizukitty. 

Kawaii Pikarin~! Lol, I feel like reading Kera XD

Matsumoto is dyed her hair and turning Gal~

Now, the super cute Bob hair is in. Fresh and young looking! Which one you like the most?

Kumicky Self-produce Beauteen hair dye! 

And Anmie~! New false lashes brand by Kumicky!

Popteen make up history and their current style. It looks more more natural right? Japanese is inspired by K-Pop now and I think it's not bad because they look more younger now. Right? :D

Before-After XD XD

Super pretty hair style inspiration by Marimo and Kumicky.

Make up step by step. Popteen model signature make up!

Why they are so skinny?? Hahaha I love Okarie the most here.

Kumiko Beauty Salon

Nail Art Inspiration


Cookiecat said...

Thank you very much for sharing :3 The models look so cute ^.^

Bijou said...

I love this selection :) So cute and lovely

Banny said...

I love popteen! All the girls are so cute!
I followed you on Instagram btw :3

Laura-May said...

Waaaa thank youuu <3

♔cominica♔ said...

what is your usernamee

Sandy said...

Grrr, Popteen models, Y U SO PRETTY?!

lexi said...

i like how happy they all look. the hairstyles look fun to try

Chloe Lum said...

i wish i can style my hair nicely everyday like these models >;(


Crystal Lee said...

Wahh thanks for these scans~ 
gosh they're so skinny~ so jelly haha

CyanQueen said...

They're soooooooo cute!!!!!!

Indi said...

setiap ada yg pajang pop teen aku cuma bisa ngiler, comi. seneng banget liat koleksi fashion yg pastelnya TT_TT

indi,  http://duniakecilindi.blogspot.com

Liz Chewy said...

Kawaii!!! I love Popteen's makeup and style.



Elli said...

Thanks for the scans :D I don't have access to japanese magazines :( 


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